200+ Women Allege Plastic Surgeon Botched Breast Surgeries

Botched breast implant surgeries are the subject of four medical malpractice lawsuits, with dozens more prospective plaintiffs voicing similar complaints. All of the complaints involve Jacksonville plastic surgeon Dr. Loren Clayman, who has been practicing medicine for approximately 39 years. The complaints against Dr. Clayman are all eerily similar and the attorney representing the plaintiffs say it appears deception as well as negligence is a possible allegation in many of the cases.

The plaintiffs, all former patients of Dr. Clayman, claim the surgeon botched their breast surgeries, leaving them in physical pain and disappointed with the cosmetic outcomes of their surgeries. In many of the cases, plaintiffs argue that the surgeon implanted them with much larger implants than they had requested. Others say they suffered serious complications after their surgeries, including hardening of the breast and severe pain.

Four lawsuits filed to date

To date, four lawsuits have been officially filed against Dr. Clayman. Three of those plaintiffs went to Dr. Clayman to get implants, while a fourth wanted breast reduction surgery. The first three women claimed Dr. Clayman left them disfigured and blamed the complications on implant leakage. All of the women underwent revision surgery to correct the original issue.

One woman said she had five surgeries performed by Dr. Clayman before giving up on correcting the problem. Another underwent three revision surgeries with Dr. Clayman before seeking another plastic surgeon to help address her issues.

The fourth woman who underwent breast reduction surgery by Dr. Clayman said she was left with major complications that required four corrective operations. This plaintiff claims she ended up with breasts larger than they were before surgery and with constant pain that Dr. Clayman was never able to relieve.

Dozens more compain of surgical negligence

Since those four lawsuits have been filed, attorneys have received calls from more than 200 women asking questions about Dr. Clayman and making allegations about possible surgical negligence. According to a report at the Florida Times-Union, some women reported waking up during their surgery, although they did not feel any pain. Women also told the publication they woke up from surgery with breasts that were much larger than they expected and some were uneven sizes.

Women state that when they returned to Dr. Clayman with complaints about their initial procedures, the surgeon would attribute the problem to leaking implants and advise the women to undergo revision surgery.

Dr. Clayman would then send the removed implants to the manufacturer to receive compensation for the alleged defect. Legal counsel for the women said the practice was deceptive and a way for Dr. Clayman to collect additional income for the procedures.

Additional litigation possible

The attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the first four lawsuits are now reviewing complaints from dozens of additional women seeking legal action against the plastic surgeon.

Attorneys for Dr. Clayman have not commented on the cases, other than to say they do not believe the complaints have any merit and they look forward to defending their client in court.

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