Cement Truck Accident Causes Life-Changing Injuries
$1.5M “Zone of Danger” Crosswalk Death Claim
Combined Settlement For Brain, Spine, and Shoulder Injuries
Elbow Injury in Sideswipe Accident Requires Surgery
Rear-End Accident Case Resolved in Deposition
Underinsurance Settlement For Injured Truck Driver
Taxi Driver Receives Payout More than Four Times Original Offer
Settlement Obtained For Victim of Drunk Driver Hit and Run
Car Accident Causes Knee, Shoulder, Back, and Head Injuries
Knee and Shoulder Injuries From Car Accident
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  • All (30)
  • Bus Accident (2)
  • Car Accidents (16)
  • Construction Accidents (0)
  • Deposition (2)
  • Drunk Driving (1)
  • Head-on Collisions (1)
  • Hit and Run (1)
  • Intersection Accidents (1)
  • Pedestrian Accidents (1)
  • Rear End Accidents (1)
  • Sideswipe (1)
  • Slip and Fall (2)
  • Truck Accidents (1)
  • Zone of Danger (1)
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January 25,2023
The Deadliest Roads in New York
New York City has some of the worst traffic in the country. Drivers here can expect to lose more than 100 hours per year due to congestion, at a cost of around $1,5…
Car Accidents
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January 27,2023
The Sanders Law Firm Hires Construction Accident Lawyer Catherine Fiorentino
The Sanders Law Firm is pleased to announce that construction accident attorney Catherine J. Fiorentino has joined the firm.
Construction Accidents
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January 31,2023
Truckers Testing Positive For Drugs Up 18% in 2022
The latest data from a national clearinghouse of commercial driver drug tests shows that violations increased 18% from 2021 to 2022.
Truck Accidents
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February 05,2023
New York Receives $37.8M in SS4A Grant Funds to Improve Road Safety
New York will spend $21.48M of its $37.8M in SS4A grant funds to redesign Delancey Street in Manhattan.
Car AccidentsPedestrian Accidents
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February 20,2023
New Yorkers Lost Ten Days In Traffic Last Year, Geolocation Data Shows
New York traffic is the worst in the country, according to the TomTom Traffic Index. In 2022, New Yorkers spent 236 hours in traffic.
Car Accidents



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