Cement Truck Accident Causes Life-Changing Injuries
$1.5M “Zone of Danger” Crosswalk Death Claim
Combined Settlement For Brain, Spine, and Shoulder Injuries
Elbow Injury in Sideswipe Accident Requires Surgery
Rear-End Accident Case Resolved in Deposition
Underinsurance Settlement For Injured Truck Driver
Taxi Driver Receives Payout More than Four Times Original Offer
Settlement Obtained For Victim of Drunk Driver Hit and Run
Car Accident Causes Knee, Shoulder, Back, and Head Injuries
Knee and Shoulder Injuries From Car Accident
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  • Deposition (2)
  • Drunk Driving (1)
  • Head-on Collisions (1)
  • Hit and Run (1)
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December 08,2023
Analysis of Record-Breaking New York Medical Malpractice Verdict
A recent $120 million medical malpractice verdict is reportedly the largest ever such award in Westchester County. But how common are payouts of this size?
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December 15,2023
Bronx Building Collapse and NYC’s Infrastructure Problem
A building collapse like the one that occurred this month in the Bronx could result in a premises liability lawsuit.
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NYC 24/7 Speed Cameras Have Fined Drivers $320M+
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Looking Back on a Decade of Vision Zero in NYC
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March 28,2024
Deadly Skyline: NYC Construction Worker Deaths Trend Up
NYC construction worker deaths increased for the third straight year, according to a new NYCOSH report.
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