June Is National Fireworks Safety Month

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Every year, Americans celebrate life and liberty with a day full of events, food, drinks, and unfortunately, too many injuries due to fireworks. This upcoming 4th of July, leave the fireworks to professionals. Every year, fireworks cost $32 million in property damage, and emergency rooms treat more than 11,000 people for fireworks related injuries. The grand majority come during Independence Day or New Year celebrations, and over 25% of patients are 15 years old or younger. Fireworks can burn at up to 2000 degrees, hot enough to melt metals. Even sparklers, often viewed as harmless, burn at these temperatures and regularly burn children

We recommend enjoying the public fireworks lit up by professionals. However, if you decide to light them up, there are safety steps you must follow responsibly.

  1. Make sure consumer fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them.
  2. Never use or make professional grade fireworks.
  3. Never allow young children to play with or light up fireworks, including sparklers, which can cause severe burns.
  4. When lighting the fuse, never place any part of your body directly over the fireworks. Move to a safe distance immediately after igniting.
  5. Have a bucket of water or hose within short distance, ready to be used in case of a fire.
  6. Do not try to relight malfunctioning fireworks. Soak them with water and dispose them.
  7. Never point or throw fireworks at a person, and light them one at a time.
  8. Once fireworks are done burning, soak them with water in order to prevent a trash fire.

Talk To a Lawyer In Case of an Injury

If you have been injured because of someone illegally using fireworks, call an Attorney at The Sanders Firm. When considering legal action, the best person on your side is an experienced attorney. Keep our number and share with your friends/family so we can protect victims of these scenarios: