Officials from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are continually looking for methods to improve road safety and reduce the number of preventable vehicle crashes. Federal safety authorities are now turning their interests to emerging technology, which once installed in newer automobiles, would allow vehicles to “communicate” with each other and recognize potential crash situations. The software, known as Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication technology, could also alert drivers of pending dangers and road hazards, thus reducing the incidence of serious accidents.

“… Once deployed, V2V will provide 360-degree situational awareness on the road and will help us enhance vehicle safety,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in a December press release. The proposed rule would require automakers in the future to equip V2V devices on all light vehicles, with the aim of having crash avoidance technology in place by 2019.

Vehicle-to-vehicle software designed to prevent crashes

Federal officials hope that along with automated vehicle technologies, V2V software will save countless lives and make a significant impact in mitigating crash risks.  In addition to this proposed rule, the Federal Highway Administration is making headway on its Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) system, which will eventually allow vehicles to communicate with stop signs, traffic lights and other infrastructure to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.

By NHTSA estimates, the impending V2I and Vehicle to Vehicle safety applications could diminish the severity of some 80 percent of “non-impaired” traffic accidents including those at intersections and lane changing crashes.

The number of fatal car accidents climbs every year in the United States, spurring law makers to push for new crash avoidance technology and ways to prevent accidents resulting from human error. In 2015 alone, federal data shows that 10 percent of all highway deaths were caused by distracted driving – an epidemic that continues to claim lives every day.

Protect your rights following an accident

Automated vehicle technology holds the promise of safer roadways, smarter cars and fewer preventable crashes, but is still years in the making.  In the interim, motorists are still vulnerable to the reckless actions of drunk, negligent and distracted drivers who routinely get behind the wheel. Even seemingly minor fender benders or parking lot collisions can culminate in serious injuries like whiplash, neck trauma and back injury.

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