Awarded: $185,000


Attorney Michael Villeck recently arbitrated the case of Ana and Andrew Cruz, a married couple who each sustained injuries to the spine in a rear-end collision. They were awarded $185,000.  Mr. Cruz was the driver of the vehicle that was struck from behind; Ana, was a front seat passenger.

Since liability was not an issue in the case, the parties agreed to binding arbitration rather than submit to a trial. All of the medical records of the treating physicians were admitted into evidence.

Medical records showed that Mr. Cruz suffered soft tissue injuries including multi-level bulging discs. Mrs. Cruz underwent pain management for alleged herniated discs in her lumbar spine.  Though she treated for only a short period of time immediately following the accident, Mrs. Cruz underwent injections to her spine some 8 years post accident due to lingering complaints of pain.

The judge awarded $35,000.00 to Andrew Cruz and $150,000.00 to Ana Cruz at arbitration.