Insurance companies and their lobbyists spend a lot of cash to fool people into thinking most personal injury claims are court-clogging, frivolous lawsuits. 


A personal injury lawsuit is merely a claim of negligence by a plaintiff who is seeking fair remedies to repair the harm done to him or her. That’s it! 

The fact is, everybody holds a legal duty to make sure they do not cause harm to others; a negligent act takes place when an individual fails to live up to that standard. 

Further, when the negligent act causes foreseeable injuries with damages, it is fair for the injured person to pursue a remedy to return him or her to a position as they were in before the setback occurred. 

Insurance companies almost never explain these ethical and economic truths to the public. Instead, they spread misconceptions to cause individuals to feel guilty about participating in a personal injury lawsuit.  

Well, let’s clear up a few of these myths, and together, we’ll explore some real truths. 

Myth #1: Personal injury plaintiffs are just greedy 

A remedy obtained from a personal injury lawsuit is not free money. The courts can only award a plaintiff legitimate and fair compensation, according to the law, which includes reimbursement for loss of earnings, property, limbs, or enjoyment of life

Imagine–how would you manage if you were unable to work for the rest of the year?

Personal injury plaintiffs, by no means, wish to make money off of someone’s bad luck; and more so, nobody gets suddenly rich by asking a defendant for reimbursement for monies paid to bounce back from an injury that he or she provoked.  

Myth #2: The insurance company will take care of me 

Insurance corporations are in business to make a profit; hence, their expert adjusters will consistently seek to settle personal injury claims for the least amount possible. This is why negotiating with insurance companies without first seeking legal advice is ill-advised.  

Did you know an insurance adjuster can use whatever you say to them to disprove your claim in court?

Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. So, before deciding to negotiate with those crafty insurance people, why not talk to an accident attorney about what you should or should not say, and protect yourself by knowing what legal and equitable remedy options are available?  

Myth #3: Personal Injury lawyers are expensive 

In most situations, it may be more costly to not retain an injury lawyer than it would be to hire one. 

When dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other losses that develop after an injury, you may conclude that seeking proper reimbursement is worth pursuing. 

You should also know that most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you’ll pay nothing unless you win the lawsuit. Moreover, many courts allow for plaintiffs to seek indemnification of attorney fees. 

So, there you have it. If you have suffered an accident, don’t believe everything the insurance guys are putting out there.