New York labor law claims are diverse by nature. Worker interest in these laws varies by profession, position, and is often not piqued until legal rights have been arguably violated. As an employee, the prospect of a legal battle with your employer is dangerous and a threat to your livelihood. Though the looming prospect of filing a lawsuit may seem intimidating, the issues at hand may be unavoidable.  At this point, consultation with a labor lawyer may be your best option.

The Sanders Firm team of New York labor lawyers has been fighting for all manner of worker rights for over 45 years. Labor laws tend to evolve with the shifting of societal norms, economic changes, and current events. New grounds for labor law claims in New York are introduced and argued all the time. Laws once without precedent are now common place, and it is our job to stay at the forefront of these developments for our clients.

Our broad commitment to NYS labor law includes:

Labor lawyers for workers’ compensation cases in New York

Every year, thousands of workers in New York are injured and even killed while performing routine work duties. Workers’ compensation insurance reimburses those injured on the job for their medical care and lost wages. However, the program is not without its drawbacks. Claim denials and limited liability can work against employees who are often left without adequate medical coverage or cost of living expenses.

The Sanders Firm is expert in the complexities of NYS workers’ compensation laws. If you have been hurt or lost a loved on the job, we can help you determine whether you have exhausted all means of financial recourse. Whether it’s the filing of a civil lawsuit against a third party, challenging denials, or revealing some exception to the law that would allow you greater recovery, we work tirelessly to help you recover your financial losses as you heal your physical ones. Workers compensation is as complicated a labor law claim in New York can get. Let our team handle it for you.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Did you know that only little more than a third of social security disability applicants were awarded benefits in 2010? When Social Security Disability benefits are denied, the appeals process almost always includes an advocate acting on behalf of the claimant.

Though legal representation is not required to file a claim for Social Security benefits, it can be quite helpful. Administration is challenging enough for an average person to complete without legal assistance. Compensation is even more difficult to procure.

Working with an employment lawyer at The Sanders Firm ensures that are armed to face every obstacle posed by SSDI head-on.  Your paperwork will be accurately completed, your deadlines met, and your chances of success improved. Don’t delay however as SSDI labor law claims are extremely time sensitive.

Other issues for NY employment lawyers

The employment lawyers of The Sanders Firm help those experiencing  discrimination in the workplace based on sex, age, race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

We also represent employees in contract negotiations, wrongful termination, severance packages, and violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We are committed to protecting “whistleblowers,” employees who “blow the whistle” by informing authorities of  illegal activities they have witnessed at their workplaces. Whistleblowers who report fraud or corrupt practices have rights. Under New York law, those who report these legal practices may be protected from losing their jobs or being retaliated against.  New York’s False Claims Act encourages people to sue people or businesses that defraud state or local government.  The person who files the suit may receive a portion of the recovery under the law.

Ask The Sanders Firm about your labor lawsuit

New York employment issues are complicated. Employees fear that speaking up about injustices will cost them their jobs and that is why it is critical to have an experienced and fearless employment lawyer on your side. Our staff offers a thorough investigation of your experience, a comprehensive education on your rights and entitlements and will walk you through all of your legal options. If you have been wronged by your employer, we can help you find the legal remedy you deserve.

The Sanders Firm offers free legal consultation to those with questions about filing a labor lawsuit in NYS. We have convenient office locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Call 1-888-329-0013 today to speak with a member of our team. Resources

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