Cases of medical malpractice in New York continue to hold steady, despite a decline in many other states. In 2008 alone, New York reported 4,195 cases of medical malpractice. Now, consumers may soon have access to a federal program for reporting medical mistakes. According to The New York Times, the Obama administration is considering the development of a reporting system. The system would allow consumers to report incidences of medical malpractice by any healthcare provider, including pharmacists and clinics. The reporting system would be entirely voluntary; it would not be mandatory for patients to disclose their medical information unless they choose to report a medical error.

Reporting system to ensure patient safety

Medical mistakes compromise the safety and health of patients. The new reporting system is intended to ensure a higher quality of care for consumers. As incidence rates of medical malpractice in New York continue to eclipse incidence rates in the rest of the country, patients require more safeguards. Those who have suffered due to doctor negligence or hospital malpractice would have the convenience of reporting the issue through a Web site or via phone.

Reduction in medical malpractice cases may be possible

The New York Times also reports that many medical errors are never reported. Federal officials hope that the new reporting system will help prevent future mistakes. For example, hospitals can learn from patient-reported information that reveals radiation overdoses, misdiagnosis, prescription drug mistakes, and surgical errors conducted on the wrong body part.

Some doctors and hospital representatives have expressed interest in the idea, but caution that the reported information would need to be cross-referenced against patient records to ensure accuracy. Some patients, for example, might misinterpret redness of the incision site as an infection. Federal officials plan to have the reported information analyzed by authoritative, independent organizations, such as the ECRI Institute.

Victims of medical malpractice may receive compensation

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