Dangerous Drugs

J&J, Bayer Handed $29M Verdict In Xarelto Lawsuit

DECEMBER 11, 2017By: Staff WriterDANGEROUS DRUGSA jury in Philadelphia delivered a verdict of $29 million in damages against a pair of Johnson and Johnson and Bayer AG units, the first of its kind, after finding the companies had not provided the adequate warnings about the risks of bleeding associated with… Read More

Johnson and Johnson handed $417 million verdict in lawsuit that linked talc product to cancer.

AUGUST 31, 2017By: Staff WriterRECENT SETTLEMENTSA jury in Los Angeles, California, issued a $417 million verdict against Johnson and Johnson, in what could be the first of many cases linking their baby powder product to Ovarian Cancer.  Eva Echeverria, 63, started using Johnson and Johnson’s talc baby powder when she… Read More

Depakote Drugmaker AbbVie Inc. Charged with $15 Million Verdict in Birth Defect Case

JUNE 14, 2017By: Staff WriterDANGEROUS DRUGSJune 9th, 2017- A Federal jury in Illinois found AbbVie Inc., an Abbot Laboratories spinoff, guilty of keeping information about their product Depakote from the doctors in charge of prescribing it. Christina Raquel’s doctors prescribed her with Depakote as a treatment for bipolar depression before… Read More

Lack of Medical Action Prompts Lawsuit and $250,000 Verdict

Lack of Medical Action Prompts Lawsuit and $250,000 VerdictJANUARY 5, 2017By: Whitney TaylorMEDICAL MALPRACTICEThe widow of a man who died at UMass Memorial Medical Center has been awarded $250,000 by a jury that determined medical malpractice led to the man’s death. Hospital staff failed to transfer the admitted patient to the critical care unit in a timely fashion,… Read More

Max Award Given to Woman after Unnecessary Hysterectomy

Max Award Given to Woman after Unnecessary HysterectomyDECEMBER 8, 2016By: Whitney TaylorMEDICAL MALPRACTICEA 24-year-old woman who underwent a hysterectomy after delivering her first child was awarded the maximum amount by a judge last month. The judge determined the physician treating the plaintiff for bleeding after pregnancy did not follow appropriate standard of care when removing the uterus,… Read More

Maryland Medical System Hit with $10M Malpractice Verdict

Maryland Medical System Hit with $10M Malpractice VerdictNOVEMBER 14, 2016By: Staff WriterMEDICAL MALPRACTICEA Baltimore jury handed down a $10 million verdict against University of Maryland Medical System last month, in wrongful death claim involving drug administration errors.  Dennis Allen went to the hospital in 2013 for kidney problems. The treatment he received for a related condition caused… Read More

Widow Settles HI Medical Malpractice Claim for $4.2M

Widow Settles HI Medical Malpractice Claim for $4.2MSEPTEMBER 22, 2016By: Dawn SnyderNEWSA Hawaii widow recently reached a $4.2 million settlement with the federal government over her husband’s 2013 death. The man went into a clinic emergency room for a sore throat but did not come back out. Antonio Marrero was 32 on the night of January… Read More

$4.25 Million Settlement Reached After Twin Babies Die

$4.25 Million Settlement Reached After Twin Babies DieSEPTEMBER 9, 2016By: Jacky GaleMEDICAL MALPRACTICEIn 2009, a woman from Archbald, Pennsylvania was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her twin girls. But at 33.4 weeks gestation, the girls were stillborn. The mother had suffered a seizure, which led to the detachment of the placenta from her womb and consequently, the… Read More

Family Wins $53 Million Malpractice Verdict Against IL Hospital

Family Wins $53 Million Malpractice Verdict Against IL HospitalJULY 28, 2016By: Ava LawsonMEDICAL MALPRACTICEA $53 million medical malpractice verdict will help ensure Isaiah Ewing is taken care of for the rest of his life. The 12-year-old boy has a severe form of cerebral palsy, is wheelchair-bound, and requires round-the-clock care for the most basic of daily needs. The judgement against… Read More

$70 Million Awarded in Risperdal Trial

$70 Million Awarded in Risperdal TrialJULY 25, 2016By: Whitney TaylorDANGEROUS DRUGSThe largest verdict in a Risperdal lawsuit has been awarded to a teenage boy who alleged the antipsychotic drug led to his growth of female-size breasts. Earlier this month, J&J was ordered to pay $70 million in compensatory damages to the Tennessee plaintiff. The jury in the Philadelphia case determined that… Read More