Hit And Run NYC Accident Causes Death Of 5-Year-Old Boy

A Staten Island driver who initially fled the scene of a fatal car accident turned himself into authorities approximately 24 hours later. The hit and run NYC collision killed a five-year-old boy and seriously injured the boy’s mother and nine-year-old sister. First responders initially rushed the unconscious boy to Staten Island Hospital. Though doctors were able to resuscitate him twice, the boy had lost too much blood due to severe head trauma, and was soon pronounced dead.

Witnesses said that a black Mercedes Benz sedan with tinted windows struck the family as the Mercedes pulled out of a deli parking lot. The driver initially fled the scene, apparently without even getting out of the car. Now that he has been identified, he faces unspecified criminal charges, which may include criminally negligent homicide, second degree manslaughter or depraved indifference murder.

Hit and run NYC: civil liability

A driver owes a duty of care to fellow motorists. In a hit and run accident, the driver’s conduct could be considered to be negligent or even reckless. By negligently or recklessly causing an injury or death, and compounding that act by leaving the scene of the accident, a hit and run driver clearly breaches the duty of care. If that breach caused the plaintiff injury, the defendant driver is responsible for the damages that the plaintiff incurred. Many juries tend to take a very dim view of hit and run drivers. Defendants know this to be true, and so they are very often motivated to settle such cases earlier in the process and for more money.

Damages in New York City hit and run actions

As for civil liability, a New York hit and run attorney can help the victims obtain fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Such compensation typically includes:

  • Medical bills: This element of damages includes both past and future medical expenses. Even if the injuries seem relatively minor, the full extent of the damage may not be known for some time. Serious injuries often require multiple surgeries and ongoing physical therapy.
  • Pain and suffering: It is very difficult to affix a monetary amount to a person’s pain and suffering, especially if a wrongful death is involved. The emotional and physical pain can be intense and long-lasting. A New York hit and run attorney will enlist medical and psychological experts to clearly explain your pain to the jury, so that they may fairly assess what compensation you deserve.
  • Lost wages: Many injuries result in missed work due to doctor’s appointments and surgical procedures. More serious accidents may leave the victim unable to work at all; in a wrongful death action, the jury may consider the person’s earnings potential when assessing damages for future lost wages. A New York hit and run attorney demands that the jury compensate the victim for both past and future lost wages.
  • Punitive Damages: A New York jury has the option to assess punitive damages against persons who displayed reckless conduct. Arguably, hit-and-run drivers display such conduct.

If you are involved in a hit and run NYC accident, you have a limited time to act. At The Sanders Firm, we have helped thousands of New Yorkers over the past forty years obtain fair compensation for their motor vehicle accident injuries. To speak with a lawyer today, call us toll-free at 1.800.FAIR.PLAY.