Injured New Jersey Construction Worker Reaches $6.6 Million Settlement In Lawsuit

A New Jersey Superior Court recently granted approval for a former laborer to receive a $6.6 million settlement in a construction accident lawsuit filed against two contractors. In 2009, Steve Pascucci fell from a ladder and broke his legs while working on a construction project at the Bergen Equestrian Center in Leonia, New Jersey. According to the lawsuit, Pascucci underwent multiple surgeries to treat the fractures, but his right leg was amputated above the knee due to medical complications.

The legal complaint alleged that contractors JG Drywall LLC and Triple B Fascinating Inc. failed to fulfill the duty of providing safe working conditions at the construction site and were liable for Pascucci’s injuries.

Pascucci sustained the fractures in his legs after he was knocked off a ladder by a moving beam and fell on the cement. The former laborer received years of medical treatment and had more than six surgeries. JG Drywall LLC and Triple B Fascinating Inc. were responsible for making sure the construction site was safe. According to the lawsuit, the contractors shouldn’t have allowed ladders to be used since they are allegedly dangerous and put the welfare of the laborers at risk.

The injuries caused by the accident not only prevented Pascucci from working, but it also diminished his quality of life. JG Drywall LLC agreed to pay $3.4 million and Triple B Fascinating Inc. will pay $3.2 million in damages to Pascucci.

New York construction accident lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a New York construction accident lawsuit. The NY personal injury lawyers at The Sanders Firm use their knowledge of New York Labor Law and OSHA regulations to help construction workers get the compensation they are entitled to receive. Suffering a debilitating injury can have a devastating impact on the construction worker and the entire family. By exercising the right to pursue legal action against the liable parties, construction workers have an opportunity to obtain the damages needed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

Even though state and national laws were enacted to ensure property owners and contractors maintain safe work environments, construction is still a dangerous industry that exposes laborers to risks on a daily basis. Sometimes the owners and general contractors don’t enforce good safety practices or compromise safety in order to cut costs and finish a project quickly.

When a client has been injured, the investigative process entails collecting evidence to determine how and why the accident happened; interviewing witnesses; and confirming which parties are legally responsible. By calculating medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses, The Sanders Firm is able to accurately assess the amount of compensation the client needs.

Speaking with a NY personal injury lawyer right away increases the chances of maximizing the financial recovery.

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