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Lead Poisoning

gavel and stethoscope sitting on white surface The Sanders Firm’s New York product liability lawyers have successfully secured damages for all injuries and losses sustained due to lead poisoning, helping victims recover just compensation for the pain and suffering incurred.

Our legal team specializes in lead poison cases in the greater NY metro area, and can answer your questions and explain your legal rights. According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, lead paint and lead-contaminated dust in older buildings are the most common causes of lead poisoning in young children, leaving them at risk for cognitive impairment, stunted growth and permanent brain damage.

If a child in your family has been affected, our attorneys will fight for justice and fair compensation through filing a lead poisoning lawsuit, ensuring all responsible parties are held accountable.

Facts about lead poisoning in NYC

If your building was built before 1978 it is possible that lead paint was used. Peeling paint is a signal that there may be lead in your home. Paint chips containing lead are very dangerous and, at high levels, may prove fatal. Lead can even lead to permanent learning disabilities and brain damage. A blood test is the only way to diagnose lead poisoning. We urge you to test your children to detect lead poisoning in time to prevent or limit injury

Lead poisoning, the number one environmental health threat to children under the age of 6, is entirely avoidable. Even small amounts of chipped lead paint or lead dust can be dangerous to youngsters. Children face greater risks because their bodies absorb lead more easily than adults.

Millions of American children are affected by lead poisoning every year. Children who live in old, poorly maintained housing or in housing undergoing renovation, face the greatest risk. Suburban and rural children face danger too, if they live in older homes with peeling or chipping paint or in houses being renovated.

Lead paint is the major source of lead poisoning in the United States. Even intact lead paint can create fine dust which may be difficult to see. Millions of homes have lead on windows and sills, door frames, stairways, railings, banisters, woodwork, molding, porches and fences.

Peeling paint and dust from lead paint chips are either inhaled or eaten by children. Children also suck on their hands or toys that have lead dust on them. Some toddlers even eat paint chips or chew on lead painted windowsills and stair rails.

In 1960, New York City banned lead paint for use in residential homes. Despite this measure, many older buildings still have lead paint on window frames, walls and other surfaces. In 2004, NYC Local Law 1 requires landlords and day care operators to minimize lead poisoning hazards by addressing peeling paint and making appropriate repairs.

However, dozens of lead poisoning claims arise from properties where landlords fail to adhere to local laws and “get the lead out.” Other cases originate when homes containing lead-based paint are renovated without adequate precautions, putting children at needless risk for lead exposure.

Signs and effects of lead poisoning

Typically, there are no signs of lead poisoning, or they may be mistaken for symptoms of the flu or other illnesses. If there are symptoms, they may include stomachache, cramps, irritability, fatigue, frequent vomiting, constipation, headache, sleep disorders, and poor appetite.

Studies have shown that lower levels of lead may damage the nervous system including the brain, interfere with growth, harm hearing, lower IQ scores and hamper learning abilities. Low level lead poisoning may also cause behavioral problems. For example, a child with lead poisoning may be easily excited and unable to concentrate. At high levels, lead exposure may cause coma, seizures and possibly death.

Due to the high risk factors for lead poisoning in many of New York’s older properties, it is vital that you understand the early warning signs indicating that your child may have been exposed. A blood test is the only accurate means to determine whether lead levels are abnormally high. The CDC suggests lead testing for children aged 3-6 who live in a home built before 1950, or a house constructed before 1978 that was recently remodeled.

If your child has been exposed to lead paint, your next step is to retain an attorney at The Sanders Firm who will carefully investigate the circumstances of your claim, collect evidence, and consult with in-house medical experts to prove your case.

Lead poisoning prevention in New York

Protect your child with regular screening. Screening and early detection of lead poisoning will avoid damage from long- term exposure. The lower the lead level, the easier the treatment. Screening locations may include health clinics, family physicians or pediatricians and the Public Health Department. Screening may also be available at WIC offices, Headstart Schools and child care centers.

High risk children who live or play in older housing, have brothers, sisters or playmates with high levels or whose homes are undergoing renovation should be screened starting at six months of age and should have follow up screening as well.

NY product liability attorneys can help

Negligent landlords may try and evade liability for their actions and omissions by denying their knowledge that children inhabited the apartment or that toxic lead paint was still a problem in the building. The NYC Health Code requires specific abatement methods and procedures for addressing lead paint violations in housing where a lead poisoned child lives or visits frequently. Landlords must fix any conditions that may cause lead-based paint to peel, blister, crack or flake off.

If you suspect that your child or someone in your family is suffering from lead poisoning, call The Sanders Firm today. Our New York product liability and personal injury firm has convenient offices in Manhattan, the outer boroughs and Long Island.

Call 1-800-FAIR PLAY to set up a free legal consultation. The damages recovered from a lead poisoning lawsuit in New York can help offset damages incurred from medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity and pain and suffering.

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