More New Yorkers Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits

New York City paid out $135 million last year following a catastrophic twelve months for medical blunders at public hospitals. The payouts were up 5 percent from 2012.

Among the litany of preventable errors was the case of a 10-year-old girl pumped with a fatal dose of oxygen following an asthma attack. The girl was placed on a ventilator at 40 breaths per minute – more than four times the recommended amount for a person of her age. She died some hours later. A six-week trial in 2007 resulted in a $4 million payout to the family.

A Bronx woman won $8 million after visiting a dentist for an abscess. He failed to take a culture of the infected tissue, and therefore missed the presence of MRSA, an infection which later spread to her spine and neck.

New York bus accident attorney

Bus accidents account for a significant proportion of lawsuits against the city. Though not the most common type of accident, bus crashes are among the most devastating incidences that can occur. A tour bus accident last year on Interstate 390 near Avoca, caused the death of one woman and resulted in a $40 million lawsuit. On November 12th of this year, two buses collided near the Lincoln Tunnel, injuring twenty. The collision took place in a bus lane between a New Jersey Transit bus and a Martz Trailways bus. Two hours later, another bus was involved in an accident with a truck, causing at least one injury.

Personal injury lawsuits in New York

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bus Crash Causation, human error is a critical reason for bus crashes in 90 percent of cases. Owing to their size visibility is often poor, and mechanical failure common. A New York bus accident attorney from The Sanders Firm says such crashes are some of ‘the most terrifying of motor vehicle accidents.’

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If you have been injured in a public bus accident, the city may be liable for compensation to cover medical expenses, disability, loss of earnings and mental suffering. A New York bus accident attorney may be able to help you recover damages.

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