No Doubt Liability In A Car Accident

Demonstrating liability is one of the biggest challenges to recovering compensation in a New York car accident claim. However, depending on the circumstances, you may not have to prove the other driver’s responsibility. With no doubt liability in a car accident, the other party is at fault 99 percent of the time, which means that insurance companies are unlikely to contest the claim.

A few examples of such no-doubt liability auto accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • T-bone accidents (also known as left-turn accidents)
  • DUI crashes

Establishing liability in a car accident

In cases where liability is dubious, there are several methods you can employ to prove fault in an auto accident, including neutral testimony from witnesses at the scene of the crash; in-depth police reports; physical evidence such as skid marks; photographs or videos of the collision; and the credibility of statements provided by the involved parties.

If the accident resulted in considerable damage or serious injuries, it’s important to consult with New York auto accident lawyers as soon as possible, so they can discuss your legal rights and determine eligibility for recovering damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Examples of no doubt liability in a car accident

No doubt liability accidents are bit more straightforward, as one driver is almost always to blame for the collision.

  • Rear-end collisions:  A driver who crashes into another vehicle in front is almost always held liable for the accident no matter what the circumstances. In some instances, you can be held partially accountable for a rear-end accident if one or both of your brake lights were out or your vehicle broke down and you failed to move it out of traffic.
  • DUI accidents:  When a driver who is impaired by drugs or alcohol causes a motor vehicle collision, police will cite the driver for driving under the influence. Victims of a DUI accident are rarely held to blame, as insurance companies consider this a no doubt liability accident.
  • Left-turn accidents:  Traffic laws state that drivers must wait until roads are clear before making a left turn. In a T-bone accident where a driver made an inappropriate left hand turn into an oncoming vehicle, evidence clearly shows who is at fault.  An exception to this rule would be where the driver who was hit was speeding or ran a red light, prior to being struck by the vehicle making the left hand turn.

Choosing your New York auto accident lawyers

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The Sanders Firm: 45 years of auto accident experience

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