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New York Sidewalk Fall Accidents

sidewalk  crack in New YorkPoorly maintained sidewalks can lead to slips, trips or falls that often result in severe injury. From wrist fractures and broken bones to connective tissue tears, such accidents may require protracted and costly medical treatment.

In more unfortunate sidewalk falls, a person may sustain head or brain trauma, which can ultimately result in death. Property owners and municipalities have a duty to provide safe and well-maintained public pathways, and when this responsibility is breached victims may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

Boasting a legal team highly skilled in filing New York premises liability lawsuits, The Sanders Firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients who have sustained injuries caused by sidewalk falls.

New York City sidewalk accidents

There are many sidewalk hazards that can cause an accident including an unlevel surface – whether caused by poor construction or improper patchwork.

Other common causes of city sidewalk falls include:

  • Uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Faulty construction resulting in an unsafe walking surface
  • Snow or ice that has accumulated on the sidewalk
  • Potholes and cracks in the pavement
  • Loose, worn or unstable sidewalk material
  • Sidewalk debris
  • Trip hazards caused by improperly placed sidewalk vaults
  • Protruding pipes, metal or cables along the sidewalk
  • Other potential sidewalk hazards

Proving liability in sidewalk falls

Premises liability law is often complex and there are many exceptions, which is why it is imperative to have legal representation of the highest caliber if you have been involved in a sidewalk fall. The responsibility of property owners varies, but generally speaking commercial properties such as office buildings, stores, hospitals and apartment buildings have the highest obligation to maintain public sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition. Some sidewalk falls in the city occur on residential property. In such cases, a knowledgeable New York slip and fall lawyer can employ engineering experts to establish if a dangerous sidewalk condition was man-made and not natural, thus making a residential property owner liable.

Under Section 7-210 of the Administrative Code, the adjacent property owner is legally responsible for any personal injury that results from failure to keep the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition. This includes but is not limited to the failure to reconstruct, repair or replace defective sidewalks and the failure to remove debris such as ice, snow or dirt from the sidewalk.

New York premises liability attorneys can help

Even though the law states that property owners are responsible for keeping their walkways safe and free of any hazards, do not expect that those owners will compensate you fairly in the event of an injury. Insurance companies often try and get away with paying out as little as possible in sidewalk accident claims. In the majority of New York City sidewalk accidents, legal advocacy may mean the difference between a partial recovery of damages and a full payment for injuries and economic losses in a premises liability lawsuit. The Sanders Firm has an impressive track record prosecuting sidewalk accident cases, securing significant monetary settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of loved ones and family members who have suffered needless harm due to poorly maintained sidewalks and pathways.

Protect your rights after a sidewalk accident

If you have been injured in a slip or fall accident on a city sidewalk and are wondering if you have a claim, The Sanders Firm can explain your legal rights. Call our law offices today for a free consultation with an experienced New York premises liability attorney. We can offer a confidential and honest assessment of your case to determine if you are entitled to monetary damages under state law.

Serving residents of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island for more than four decades, The Sanders Firm is here to help when you need exceptional legal advocacy. And remember, we only get paid if you collect compensation on your case. Call toll-free 1.800 FAIR PLAY.

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