Property Damage And Business Losses From Hurricane Sandy

After all is said and done, Hurricane Sandy will have caused millions in property damages and $10 to $30 billion more in lost business, according to HIS Global Insight, a forecasting firm. As people work to put their lives back together, many are facing catastrophic damages to their homes. Others are trying to make up for substantial business losses incurred during the storm and its aftermath.

Insurance companies are expected to pay these property and casualty claims, but the reality is that many property owners will face resistance from these companies as they try to limit payouts. Some companies may try to state the damage is “flood damage,” which is typically not covered in standard homeowner’s policies. Businesses may also find themselves with inadequate settlements, as insurance companies use consultants and attorneys to evaluate numerous Sandy-related claims.

If you’ve sustained property damage or if your company is suffering from business interruption losses, you need an experienced New York injury lawyer to help you process, and if necessary, litigate your claim. The Sanders Firm is offering free consultations to all those affected by the storm, with New York personal injury lawyers that understand how insurance companies work with regard to property damage, and how to get the results that are fair for you.

Types of property damage claims in New York

As families deal with the stress of assessing the damages from the storm, The Sanders Firm advises everyone to carefully preserve documentation of physical damage to the property. All evidence that you can gather, including photos, documents, receipts, etc., will help in presenting property damage claims in New York.

New York property damage lawyers also advice that you track expenses incurred to prevent further damage, and calculate and monitor losses due to interruption of normal business activities. Even if you’re not sure if something qualifies as a loss under your policy, it’s important to document it. In other words, never assume that a loss is not covered.

Types of losses that may be covered include:

  • Physical loss or damage to insured property
  • Expenses incurred in attempting to mitigate or stop the damage
  • Repairing or replacing damaged property
  • The cost of operating the business while it’s affected by the storm or its aftermath (like the cost of a generator or costs incurred when operating at an alternative location)
  • Business interruption
  • Contingent business interruption (when suppliers and other business partners are delayed or otherwise interrupted by the storm)
  • Lost business income due to governmental directives restricting access to the property
  • Service and utility interruptions

When you may need a New York injury lawyer

Particularly in a large-scale disaster like Hurricane Sandy, individuals and business owners may be facing unfair insurance claims adjustments, improper insurance disclaimers of coverage, or unreasonable delays in the payment of claims.

This is where a New York personal injury lawyer can help. By guiding you through the legal process of proving your claim, he or she can make sure you get the payout you deserve. In addition, if your damages were caused by the failure of others to prepare for the storm, NY property damage lawyers may also be able to help you successfully hold those entities liable.

New York property damage lawyers

The Sanders Firm has over 45 years of experience fighting for the rights of accident and injury victims. We understand the complexities of New York law, and can help guide you through the legal maze to gain justice.

If you or someone you love has suffered property damages or business losses in New York, contact a New York injury lawyer at the Sanders Firm. We’re providing complimentary initial consultations to Hurricane Sandy victims. Call toll-free: 1-800-Fair-Play (800-324-7752).