Recent New York Motorcycle Accidents Claim Two Lives

Motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of two New York men this past week. In one crash, Brooklyn resident Jeffrey Martinez slammed his 2013 Yamaha into a median on the Gowanus Expressway at about 2:35 a.m., according to police reports. Martinez, who was just 22 years old, was declared dead on arrival at Lutheran Hospital shortly after the accident. Though the exact cause of the wreck is unknown, authorities suspect it was speed related. Another fatal crash occurred just one hour after that of Martinez, when a different biker mowed down a 50 year-old pedestrian as the man attempted to cross Queens Boulevard at 44th Street. The motorcyclist suffered severe injuries and was last listed in critical condition at Elmhurst General Hospital.

Police have yet to report if the victim’s families are going to pursue damages by filing a New York motor vehicle accident lawsuit. Since liability has yet to be established in both cases, it is unknown if other factors were at play in these deadly motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident liability

When establishing liability in a motorcycle accident, police and investigators looks for elements of negligence, or when an individual’s actions are reckless or careless – leading to the personal injury or wrongful death of another.  A motorcyclist must demonstrate that he or she employed proper care to avoid harming passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers they encountered on the road.  If the driver is shown to have been speeding excessively, passing illegally, intoxicated or otherwise impaired, or inattentive to current road and climate conditions, they may be held liable in a court of law for an injury to another person.

The majority of motorcycle accidents involving cars and trucks prove life-threatening or fatal for the biker, and it is typically the driver of the other vehicle that was found acting in a negligent manner. Examples include failing to check mirrors before making a left-hand turn, changing lanes without checking the blind spot and running a stop light. Statistics show that bikers are nine times more likely to suffer injuries than if they were driving a vehicle. There are several risks for bikers, including decreased visibility to cars, road hazards like uneven pavement, and less physical protection against injury other than protective clothing and a helmet.

On the other hand, an inebriated motorcyclist, or one who is speeding recklessly and loses control of his bike would almost certainly be held accountable for injuries suffered by a pedestrian or the occupants of another car.

New York motor vehicle accident lawsuit

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle collision and are considering filing a New York motor vehicle accident lawsuit, it’s crucial that you retain attorneys who will advocate for your rights and who have the resources and expertise to establish liability. Having the right lawyer on your side can help ensure you secure the monetary damages to which you may be entitled. At The Sanders Firm, our legal team has more than four decades of experience helping New Yorkers hold negligent drivers and motorcyclists accountable for their reckless actions. Our NY motorcycle accident lawyers work tirelessly to make sure your case is swiftly resolved. For a complimentary consultation, call our offices at 1.800.FAIR.PLAY.