Shocking Medical Mistakes In New York

More than a quarter million people in the United States die from medical mistakes each year, according to a recent report by CNN. Millions more are injured, often by errors that could have easily been prevented. Some of those injured in New York may seek compensation with the help of an experienced NY medical malpractice attorney. Family members who lost loved ones to negligence or malpractice may also be entitled to damages for their losses.

The Sanders Firm offers free case evaluations for victims of medical errors, helping individuals understand their options for legal recourse. Their team of veteran lawyers help clients in all five New York boroughs seek justice for sub-standard medical care, surgical negligence, misdiagnoses and other types of mistakes made by health care professionals in doctor’s offices, hospitals and ambulatory care facilities.

Types of medical mistakes in New York

The CNN report lists 10 of the most common medical mistakes that occur in New York and throughout the country, which include:

  • Long emergency room waits – in which a patient can become dangerously ill before receiving much needed treatment
  • Con artists pretending to be doctors – resulting in patients treated by “professionals” without any real training or experience in the medical field
  • Treating the wrong patient – often due to confusion over patients with similar names
  • Operations on the wrong body part – which may be due to markings covered by surgical draping or errors on the patient’s chart
  • Patient waking up during surgery – due to an insufficient dose of anesthesia and could result in the patient actually feeling parts of the surgery
  • Surgical errors- such as tools left in the body often because the surgical team miscounted the number of tools after the procedure
  • Air bubbles forming in the blood – resulting from improper sealing of a hole in the chest cavity
  • Administering the wrong tube – such as inserting a feeding tube instead of a chest tube and delivering medication to the wrong part of the body
  • Losing patients – often those that have dementia who wander off and become lost from hospital staff and family members
  • Infections – commonly spread in the hospital environment and particularly risky when staff do not follow proper cleaning procedures before operating on a patient

These medical errors can result in serious injury or even death. Even more tragic is that most of these mistakes could have been prevented by proper care and procedure in the health care environment. The good news is that when patients are aware of the risks associated with medical mistakes, they can often take steps to prevent them as well.

For example, patients can search online for a doctor’s credentials before going to that professional for care. Patients may also question their health care providers before, during and after medical treatment to ensure correct procedures are followed.

NY medical malpractice attorney can help

When the unthinkable does occur the results can be catastrophic for the patient and family. If you or your loved one was the victim of a medical mistake in Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx or Brooklyn, The Sanders Firm is ready to fight for your rights. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with a NY medical malpractice attorney. Call toll-free: 1.800 FAIR PLAY (800.324.7752).