SUV Accident In Brooklyn Kills One

Last month, an SUV accident in NYC added another fatality to the city’s long list of annual road deaths. A 61-year-old man veered unexpectedly off a street in Brooklyn, killing himself and seriously injuring his 59-year-old partner. She was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

One onlooker described the crash as “like a scene out of a movie” after witnessing the SUV swerve out of control, hit some steps and flip over. Other witnesses said the driver was going over the 15mph speed limit, and that the car ended up “totally airborne.”

Friends of the deceased were in shock after news of his death broke. One described him as a lover of life who she would happily drive with “in a blizzard.” Police are still looking into the cause of the accident, which occurred near the victim’s home in Brooklyn’s Sea Gate district.

Calls for ‘Slow Zone’ after child killed in Maspeth

Another recent fatal SUV accident in NYC has prompted requests from concerned locals for city authorities to create more ‘slow zones.’ Four high school students were struck after a Honda SUV climbed the curb at Grand and 71st Street. One of them died a few days later, although the NYPD has emphasized that the driver is co-operating with them, and no charges have been brought against him.

Parents are campaigning for DOT 20 mile per hour slow zones in the area, and also for the possible implementation of a one-way system.

SUVs more dangerous than typical family cars

According to data collected in 2001, SUVs were 16 times more likely to kill the occupants of another vehicle after a crash compared to the typical family car. Though safety has improved since then, even 2009 models were twice as likely to roll over than any other car, according to a CNN report. The most recent figures from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that most cars have a 10% chance of rolling, compared to between 14% and 23% for SUVs.

A high center of gravity makes SUVs more prone to rollover accidents, especially if – as in the recent SUV accidents in NYC – the vehicle leaves the road. Nearly half of all road fatalities come from single-vehicle accidents (falling asleep at the wheel, loss of control in bad conditions), and SUVs are at a disadvantage in these situations, according to NHTSA data.

Brooklyn car accident lawyer can help victims

Brooklyn has frequently reported more traffic accidents than any of New York’s five boroughs. There is also a strict statute of limitations during which claims against liable parties must be filed. If a victim of a car or SUV accident in NYC does not pursue legal action within the applicable time period, they may permanently lose their right to file a personal injury claim.

This time-sensitivity means that victims must contact a Brooklyn car accident lawyer as soon as they are able to in the aftermath of a crash. If you believe you are eligible for compensation to cover medical expenses, disability, loss of earnings and mental anguish, contact the Sanders Firm. Our team has helped win dozens of personal injury settlements for victims and families. Call our offices  to speak to a Brooklyn car accident lawyer today, 24/7.