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The Sanders firm is very reliable and considerate of your well being and feelings. They always kept me informed with the info I needed to know and the staff are always nice!

Wendy Daye

Always happy to work with this firm. They are caring, intelligent attorneys who fight for people’s rights. Their primary concern is to take care of the client.

Karin Caro

Thank you The Sanders Firm for fighting on my behalf so that I get what I deserved. The firm has taken good care of me since my auto accident in 2013. Not knowing my rights or what to do after the car accident can be traumatizing if handle improperly. With Sanders, everyone in the office took his/her time to explain to me what to do and expect for the next step. The process can take longer than expect, but The Sanders Firm will fight for you. Thanks to Edward the attorney, I got what I deserved. I will strongly recommend this law firm to anyone since they helped me during my most difficult time.

Michael Fong

Wow, I am beyond impressed! I cannot find words to describe how amazing The Sanders Law Firm is. I would recommend anyone needing legal services. Absolutely the best service I received by far.

Bing Bong

Great firm, the personal are caring and always prompt to help you with anything you need. I’m pleased with my settlement and would definitely recommend the firm to my friends and family.

Mônica Franza
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January 25,2023
The Deadliest Roads in New York
New York City has some of the worst traffic in the country. Drivers here can expect to lose more than 100 hours per year due to congestion, at a cost of around $1,5...
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January 24,2023
NYC Car Accident Deaths Down in 2022 But Remain High
With traffic fatalities surging across the United States over the last few years, New York City’s 2022 data, which shows modest year-over-year improvement, is a b...
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January 18,2023
Familiar Culprits Blamed for Post-COVID Increase in NY Traffic Accidents
Dangerous driving across the U.S., including in New York, is on the rise. Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York has seen more reckless driving, such ...
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January 17,2023
REPORT: 54% of Crash Victims Had Drugs or Alcohol in Their Systems
Drugs and alcohol are a contributing factor in many car accidents. The use of drugs and alcohol can affect a driver’s perception, slowing reaction times and preve...
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April 28,2021
Laverne’s Law Shelved For Another Year In Legislature
Laverne’s Law Shelved For Another Year In Legislature A bill to change the statute of limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits in favor of victims on...



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