The Politics Of Childbirth And Medical Malpractice In NY

‘Too posh to push’ goes the expression among the male-dominated field of obstetrics, in reference to the increasing number of c-sections requested by pregnant women. But a New York Times piece by Ashley Nelson published in October indicates a flippancy toward mothers on the part of doctors who deliver their babies. A New York birth injury lawyer specializing in medical malpractice agrees.

The Sanders Firm has amassed 45 years of experience helping New York residents who have suffered c-section mistakes and other issues associated with medical malpractice in NY. Their client base reflects a growing demand for obstetricians to take the grievances of pregnant women more seriously.

As infant mortality in New York falls to an all time low of 5.3 deaths per 1000 births, expectant mothers are facing increasing prejudice from doctors – mostly male – who often doubt the veracity of the womens’ pain and discomfort during childbirth.

C-section mistakes

Nelson’s New York Times piece says there are a number of reasons why the medical risks of childbirth are overlooked. There’s the embarrassment women feel about discussing their symptoms with doctors, who then assume the problems are not widespread.

But the main problem is gender politics. Childbirth is as divisive as birth control and abortion, and women are frequently portrayed as too careerist, selfish and privileged to undergo a ‘normal’ vaginal birth. A recent report by NBC suggested that only 0.08% of women ask for a c-section. Would c-section mistakes in New York be less common if women felt more comfortable requesting the operation?

Patriarchy and childbirth

A number of authors have argued that public debate about female reproduction has become increasingly dominated by the twin patriarchies of capitalism and technology. Obstetricians and gynecologists have maintained a status quo in which they have total control over pre-natal care.

Historically, midwives and other female members of the local community led women through pregnancy and childbirth. Today, childbirth is overseen predominantly by physicians and medical staff.

New York birth injury lawyer

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