Traffic Related Deaths Going Up

The Sanders Law Firm has been representing victims of car accidents for almost 50 years. We have helped thousands of New Yorkers get rightful compensation for their injury, damages and change in lifestyle.

Unfortunately, our fight to hold those accountable for creating these circumstances is unlikely to ever be the catalyst for minimizing risk on the road. In fact, we are sorry to report that throughout the country, traffic fatalities have sharply increased in the first six months of 2016.

New traffic safety facts reveal disturbing news

According to recent data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over this year’s first half, a growing number of people have died as a result of an auto accident. Those statistics include pedestrians and bicyclists. Compared to the same period in 2015, auto accident-related deaths increased 10 percent.

The administration says somewhere in the vicinity of 18,000 people were killed as a result of car crashes during the six months ending in June 2016. During the same six months in 2015, almost 16,000 people died in vehicular accidents.

Between 2014 and 2015, traffic fatalities jumped 7.2 percent over the entire year. The current year could end up becoming one of the most treacherous for being on the road. The year’s second quarter could be the seventh consecutive period where road fatalities increased.

While bicycle accidents, including fatalities, are on the rise throughout the country, in New York, serious injuries are down by close to 75 percent. It is believed this is because of the city’s implementation of protected bike lanes. Still, this success is having little impact on the rest of the country. Many cities do not have the budget for bike paths and lanes which comes to an average $4 million per mile.

Advocating for victims of negligence

While we are not happy about these numbers, it is a sign that our services will be more important than ever to victims of a car crash. We have seen what insurance companies will do to minimize or avoid paying a claim. We have personally witnessed the aftermath of road accidents. The emotional impact can be consuming, affecting families on both sides of the table. Lives have been irreparably damaged by traumatic brain injuries, crippling debilitation, lost limbs and, yes, fatalities. Whiplash, broken bones and lacerations can impact self-confidence, work and time spent with family.

Even what appears to be a minor issue can lead to medical bills and lost wages, consuming time with appointments and taking away from a day-to-day lifestyle.

As trusted New York car accident attorneys, Sanders Law wants to help alleviate the repercussions of bad driving, putting less stress on the victims. Once you have a lawyer, insurance companies can no longer talk to you, and with an experienced advocate in your corner, you can’t be pressured into accepting an unfair settlement.

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