Who Is Liable For Construction Accidents In New York?

Being a construction worker is an occupation that often requires using dangerous and heavy equipment while navigating environments filled with potential safety hazards. Even though various parties are responsible for complying with New York statutes and regulations to ensure the construction site is safe, workers still get injured. Depending on the circumstances surrounding construction fall injuries and other types of accidents, it may be possible to collect New York worker’s compensation benefits and file a construction accident lawsuit against the liable party.

The Sanders Firm utilizes more than 45 years of litigation experience to help injured workers obtain New York construction accident compensation. By thoroughly investigating the accident, their skilled legal team can help determine which parties are liable for the worker’s injuries. A New York construction accident lawyer will pinpoint if the work-related injury is due to the use of defective equipment, the failure of certain parties to exercise due diligence in ensuring a safe work site, or if there was a violation of a specific statute or code.

Parties who may be liable for construction accidents in New York

Determining which parties are liable for a construction accident can be a difficult and complex process. The Sanders Firm uses its experience with handling construction accident lawsuits in New York and substantive knowledge of the laws to figure out how the injury occurred and who is responsible. Several individuals and entities that may be held accountable include:

  • Property owners of construction site – property owners are responsible for protecting the workers by keeping the premises in a safe condition at all times. The property owners are also required to provide workers with safety equipment and devices while they are executing their duties on the premises. If certain safety statutes and regulations are violated, the property owners can be held liable.
  • General contractor and subcontractor – general contractor and subcontractors often exert control over the premises. As a result, they are responsible for ensuring that the construction site is in compliance with safety regulations. If the general contractor and subcontractor know about a safety hazard, they must warn the workers and prevent them from being harmed. The general contractor and subcontractor should also make sure that the workers are properly licensed and qualified to perform their duties.
  • Engineers and architects – engineers and architects working on the construction project are often responsible for making sure their designs are in compliance with building safety code regulations. The architects and engineers may be held accountable if the failure to fulfill their duties led to a construction worker getting injured.
  • Construction equipment manufacturers – if manufacturers designed and sold defective equipment that caused the work-related injury, they may be held liable. Manufacturers have a duty to create equipment that is suitable for its intended use and safe for the workers to operate. Litigation against the manufacturers can be pursued based on legal principles of strict liability, negligence, and breach of express or implied warranty.

File a construction accident lawsuit New York

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