13 Dead After Palm Springs Tour Bus Crash


Thirteen people lost their lives in a horrific tour bus crash on Sunday morning, October 23, and more than 30 others were reported injured. The deadly crash occurred just after 5 a.m. on Interstate 10 in Palm Springs, California.

The Sanders Firm would like to extend our condolences to the injured passengers and the families of those who lost their lives in the collision.

Speed was likely a factor in the crash

Initial reports indicate that excessive speed most likely contributed to the crash, which involved the front end of the tour bus crashing into the back of a tractor trailer. One woman, who drove past the scene of the crash, said that “The front part of the bus was completely merged into the rear of the semi-truck.” Jim Abele, the chief of the California Highway Patrol Border Division, confirmed this observation, noting that “The speed was so significant [that] when it hit the back, the trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus. In almost 30 years, I’ve never been to a crash where there’s been 13 confirmed fatal accidents.”

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they had to rescue the surviving passengers by pulling them out of the windows of the bus. Those who survived had been sitting toward the rear of the bus. The victims who were killed in the crash were sitting in the front. Among the fatalities was the bus driver. The driver of the commercial truck was treated for injuries.

In all, at least 30 people were taken to nearby hospitals. Seven were treated and released and five were listed as being in critical condition. Facial trauma and a few spinal cord injuries were confirmed.

Commercial vehicle accidents raise safety questions

Commercial vehicle accidents are often among the most deadly. Not only are the vehicles larger and heavier than most, but more victims may be affected. Tragic accidents such as the Palm Springs crash often bring calls for greater safety measures, such as those that might keep mechanically problematic vehicles off the road.

Earlier this year in Austin, TX, multiple drivers followed a lawsuit against a trucking company following a fiery collision that involved a dump truck that had been previously cited with 20 safety violations.

The bus that crashed in Palm Springs is not currently believed to have been in violation of safety standards. Abele noted that the bus had been inspected annually since 2014. However, the company that owned the bus, USA Holiday, was listed as having been cited or fined for unspecified violations.

This crash serves as a powerful reminder to prospective travelers to carefully research bus companies before booking a seat.

Legal guidance for injured motorists

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