Breana Henriques

100 Garden City Plaza Garden City, NY
New York
Maurice A. Dean School of Law at Hofstra

Breana T. Henriques is a personal injury attorney at The Sanders Law Firm whose focus is practiced on car accident cases. A former defense attorney, she brings inside knowledge about the tactics that insurance companies and their lawyers use to deny justice to injury victims.

Breana turned her passion for political science as an undergraduate into a legal career that has seen her overcome many personal challenges. When the going gets tough, it makes her work that much harder to meet the situation head-on.

This tenacity has helped shape her into the attorney she is today, and her perseverance can be seen in some of her proudest professional moments. In one case, Breana fought to prove the existence and severity of injuries and received almost $20,000 extra for a client over what was offered. And at a mediation appearance for a case that refused to settle, she ended up obtaining a settlement that made another client extremely happy.

Breana believes that personal injury law, even when it involves technical legal questions and procedures, is about developing good relationships with people. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve been forgotten, or that their case is not important. She updates her clients regularly on the status of their cases, even if nothing has changed, and addresses their concerns right away to make sure they feel at ease.

Breana’s passion for helping others extends outside of the courtroom. She has provided volunteer legal services to low-income individuals, participated in programs to educate people about their personal injury rights, and more recently been involved with cancer awareness causes.

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