Jay Kenneth Margolis

Senior Partner
100 Garden City Plaza Garden City, NY
New York State
University of Dayton School of Law

Jay Kenneth Margolis has always enjoyed helping those in need. He aspired to be a trial lawyer from a young age and for nearly 40 years he has had a fulfilling career doing just that.

It is a great responsibility and a privilege when a client has experienced a life-changing injury and trusts Mr. Margolis to share their story in the courtroom. Connecting with people and convincing a jury to understand what a client has been through is his life’s work. The look on a client’s face when they’ve successfully conveyed their experience is a moment that never gets old for him.

Since being admitted to the New York State Bar in 1985, Mr. Margolis has tried medical malpractice matters ranging from birth injuries and cancer misdiagnoses to surgical mistakes and substandard post-operative care. He has also tried products liability cases and every type of personal injury matter, including slips and falls and automobile accidents.

His most challenging trials are medical malpractice cases, which allow his thorough preparation and ability to connect with others to shine through. In one medical malpractice case, Mr. Margolis obtained a $980,000 verdict for a client who was a recent felon, making him a tough sell to any jury. His empathy and knack for storytelling also were on display in a products liability lawsuit where he was outmanned, outspent, and mocked for even taking the case. But in the end, Mr. Margolis overcame the defense’s glamour and glitz and convinced the jury of the product’s flaws. He still receives calls about the verdict from attorneys nationwide involved in similar litigation.

When he’s not in the courtroom or preparing for trial, Mr. Margolis finds other ways to help people. He is passionate about cancer research and participates every year in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure.

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