Bronx Families Anticipate Reopening Of Birthing Center

Families who have had to file a New York birth injury malpractice lawsuit may wonder how different their situation may have been had their maternity centers only taken the time to properly train staff members and establish effective protocols for patient safety.

Birth injuries often occur when patients aren’t properly monitored during labor and delivery, and when physicians fail to respond to signs of fetal distress. However, one Bronx hospital took a proactive approach to reducing the number of birth injuries and other complications that may have otherwise occurred there.

Bronx birthing center about to reopen

North Central Bronx Hospital shut down its birthing unit in August of 2013 because it was experiencing staff shortages. The maternity unit was prized by area families because of its dedication to patient safety and because of its midwife program. Previously, the unit welcomed 1,400 babies into the world each year. Local families were understandably upset about the closure, which forced them to seek maternity services at a hospital three miles away – a 45-minute ride by bus. Now, the Bronx birthing center is gearing up to reopen after an extensive renovation and other important improvements.

Focus is on improving patient care, outcomes

“We always wanted to reopen. But we wanted to reopen when we are absolutely convinced that we have adequate staffing and adequate quality care conditions, because this hospital and this culture have such a patient-safety-oriented culture,” said Dr. Ramanathan Raju, president of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

Thanks to a $2 million renovation, mothers in the Bronx will now have a more convenient option for childbirth. The maternity department now features fully modernized delivery suites and recovery rooms. Plus, the maternity wing will feature about 30 percent more staff members than before. Expectant mothers will be cared for by 53 registered nurses, 16 midwives, 10 physician’s assistants, and 12 highly experienced doctors. This team will be capable of delivering as many as 2,000 babies each year.

As they prepare to reopen the new birthing center, staff members are undergoing extensive training to help them to better meet the needs of mothers in labor. These new training initiatives include mock births, complete with role playing, plastic pelvises, and dolls.

Legal advocates for birth injury victims

Unfortunately, not all hospitals are as stringent about maintaining strict standards of patient care and safety as North Central Bronx Hospital. Many hospitals lack necessary protocols and are characterized by poor staff training. Hospitals that are understaffed and physicians that fail to pay close attention to the progress of the labor and delivery can place both mother and child at risk. If you believe you could have been the victim of medical malpractice and your child suffered harm, you are urged to consult a Bronx birth injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options. You could have grounds to file a birth injury malpractice lawsuit in NY.

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