Consumer Reports Identifies Alarming NYC Hospital Safety Statistics

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Consumer Reports released a newly updated report in March 2014, scoring the safety of 2,591 hospitals in the United States. With the average score 51 out of 100, safety advocates are disturbed by the 43 hospitals that ranked below 30.

According to CBS News, the report estimates that out of each 1,000 surgical patients that experience complications in top-rated hospitals 87 or fewer die, while the same number of people in low-scoring hospitals have a death rate of more than 132.

Doris Peter, the director of the Health Ratings Center at Consumer Reports, told CBS News that “Higher-rated hospitals have lower death rates, have lower readmission rates, they have lower rates of hospital-acquired infections. So all the things that you don’t want to happen to you are, in general, lower in those hospitals.”

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New York City Hospitals rate below the national average

Per Consumer Reports, “Of the 50 lowest-scoring such hospitals nationwide, 30 are in the New York City area. The best score from a New York City hospital, the NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, was still 10 percent worse than the national average.”

In the New York City area, the five lowest scoring hospitals include:

  • Jacobi Medical Center – 68 percent less than average
  • Nassau University Medical Center – 63 percent worse than average
  • Forest Hills Hospital – 62 percent below average
  • St. Joseph’s Medical Center – 62 percent under average
  • St. John’s Riverside Hospital – 62 percent worse than average

Infections, deaths rampant at some U.S. hospitals

John James, an advocate for patient safety and founder of Patient Safety America, published an in-depth analysis of fatalities in hospitals in the Journal of Patient Safety that “estimates there are some 440,000 deaths each year at hospitals due to medical errors,” reported CBS News.

James left his position as chief toxicologist at NASA to become a patient activist with Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project after his 19 year-old son died because of a medical misdiagnosis in 2002.

Another report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, released statistics on the prevalence of infections associated with hospital care estimating “that there were 648,000 patients with 721,800 health care–associated infections in U.S. acute care hospitals in 2011.” According to CBS News, 75,000 of those patients died from causes associated with medical care.

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