Da Vinci Robot Injuries Subject Of FDA Scrutiny

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit

The da Vinci robot  was created to facilitate complex surgical procedures. This million-dollar robotic system is intended to reduce the risk to patients by minimizing the possibility of surgeon error. The technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, and has frequently been used by hospitals as a cornerstone of their marketing campaigns.

However, many patients have filed reports of adverse events, and the system has even been tentatively associated with several deaths. Some patients have taken the step of filing a da Vinci robot lawsuit after suffering complications. Recently, the FDA launched an investigation to look into the safety and possible risks of the da Vinci robot system.

FDA investigates da Vinci robot injuries

When it was first marketed in 2000, the da Vinci system was lauded for its ability to provide a less invasive surgical option with greater accuracy and precision. Its manufacturer proposed that patients could enjoy a speedier recovery with fewer complications. And the marketing campaign appeared to work; in 2012, 367,000 surgeries in the U.S. were performed with the da Vinci system, compared to 114,000 in 2008.

However, there have been at least 500 reports of adverse events since January 1, 2012, which has prompted the FDA to take a closer look at the system. According to the FDA spokesperson, Synim Rivers, “it is difficult to know why the reports have increased,” however “the increase in (the) number of reports received” is the reason for the investigation. At this time, it’s unknown if there has truly been a sharp spike in the number of adverse events, or if more injuries and complications are being reported due to increased physician education about the potential for problems. However, it is likely that the FDA announcement will add momentum to lawsuits filed by patients who have suffered complications, along with family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Da Vinci robot lawsuit cites inadequate training

Some patients who have already filed a da Vinci robot lawsuit have cited the inadequacy of training among the surgeons operating the robotic system. For example, last year, a jury awarded the family of Juan Fernandez $7.5 million. The Chicago man died in 2007 after a robotic spleen surgery, during which part of his intestines were punctured. He died from the resulting infection.

Complications that may lead to a da Vinci robot lawsuit may also include nerve damage. According to a recent study by the University of Virginia School of Medicine, one in 15 people who have da Vinci robotic surgery for a prostate, kidney, or bladder procedure suffer from nerve damage.

Consulting New York personal injury lawyers

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