Deadline For Filing GM Ignition Switch Claims Is December 31

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General Motors (GM) has set aside at least $600 million to pay car accident claims stemming from its faulty ignition switches. Bloomberg News reports that some 29 deaths have been tied to the GM vehicle defects, and this number is expected to rise as more accident victims come forward seeking fair compensation for personal injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

GM recall fatality lawyers at The Sanders Firm want to remind the public that the deadline for submitting claims to the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility is fast approaching.  In order to be reviewed, all claims must be filed on or before December 31, 2014. According to the auto maker, qualified claims will be paid within 90-180 days from the date when the Administrator deems it is “substantially complete.”  Claimants must also verify that the defective ignition switch was in an eligible vehicle and was the “proximate cause” of the sustained personal injury or death.

1,500 defective ignition switch claims filed so far

The program’s Administrator has received some 1,500 claims thus far, and is analyzing details to confirm that the accidents were in fact caused by the ignition switch problem. Unsuspecting drivers in various GM models that received the faulty switches could suddenly lose vehicular power, with just a simple jarring of the switch. Just this year, an in-depth investigation revealed that GM executives knew of the problem for at least a decade, as complaints of unusual crashes with Saturn Ions and Chevy Cobalts began flooding in. The car maker finally replaced the defective part, but did so without telling the public or updating the part number, which is legally required.

GM has already had a particularly problematic year, marked by 27 million recalled vehicles and swelling litigation with demands for compensation for auto accident-related injuries and deflated values for automotive defects.

With nearly 30 GM ignition switch deaths confirmed and the claims deadline looming, the Funds Administrator predicts a surge in filings after Thanksgiving as GM owners begin to take action.

An estimated 150 fatality claims are currently pending review, with others expected to trickle in as the New Year approaches. To more efficiently expedite their claim, GM customers are asked to send in accompanying evidence including photographs and black box data that indicates their crash resulted from the ignition switch defect.

GM told the New York Times that another one million vehicles with the faulty switch are still on the roads. Drivers and passengers of those cars are at increased risk for catastrophic injury or death, since the loss of power affects the steering, brakes and stops airbags from deploying.

GM recall fatality lawyers

If you or someone you love has been harmed by a GM vehicle defect and are considering a personal injury lawsuit against the company, we encourage you to contact us today for a free case evaluation. The Sanders Firm attorneys can outline your options for filing a personal injury action or GM wrongful death lawsuit, if a family member has died. It remains uncertain what amount of monetary reparations will be dispersed through the GM claims program.

For your best shot at obtaining maximum damages after a GM injury or fatality, it’s imperative to retain a highly skilled law firm that boasts a long track record of success. Call us today at 1-800-FAIR-PLAY. Resources

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