Eight Construction Workers Injured In Brooklyn House Collapse

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Eight construction workers were severely injured last month in a Brooklyn construction accident that occurred in a decrepit residential structure at 1916 Prospect Place, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Falling from building’s third floor down to the ground floor, several workers received emergency treatment on the scene and others were subsequently transported to Kings County Hospital for additional care. The incident remains under investigation by the New York City Buildings Department as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Following the accident, multiple witnesses who live in the surrounding area stated that they knew the building itself was unstable and structurally unsound, and that they warned the construction workers as they entered. While the workers’ injuries were not thought to be life-threatening, several of them were of a serious nature, as evidenced by the fact that men were seen lying on the ground bleeding and unable to move under their own power.​

Liability in a construction accident lawsuit in New York​

The construction trades are by nature extremely dangerous, and serious injuries occur every single day. Common types of construction accidents include scaffolding collapses, falls from ladders or platforms, snapped cables, overloaded hoists, improper operation of cranes or rigging. Given the elevation and weight often involved in construction tasks, it should come as no surprise that the injuries they frequently cause can be truly devastating.

In New York, workers compensation is intended to be the primary method for those injured in the course of employment to recover lost wages and payment of medical expenses. In exchange for such financial assistance, workers give up the right to sue their own employers for possible negligence relating to the incident at issue. Unfortunately, the amounts provided by workers compensation may not be sufficient to meet the needs of an injured worker and their family over the long term. However, it is important to note that workers who receive compensation through this system of insurance may also be entitled to additional financial recovery by filing a third-party negligence claim pursuant to New York Labor Law section 240.

The law provides that injured construction workers can sue general contractors, landlords, manufacturers and architects if their negligent acts, omissions or failure to provide a safe working environment led to the harm sustained. It is often the case that strict liability will be imposed on these third parties, and injured workers may thus be eligible to receive payment for pain and suffering, lost wages and reduction in future earning capacity, emotional distress and more.

The applicable New York laws protect workers in the demolition, construction, alteration, painting, cleaning and other trades, and are intended to cover both union and non-union workers. Surveyors, utility workers, equipment operators, engineers and other types of individuals can successfully secure compensation by filing a third-party construction accident lawsuit in New York.

New York construction accident attorneys​

​​Victims of construction accidents in New York need to take notice of the fact that time limits exist for filing third-party claims for damages. Claims made pursuant to the state’s Labor Law must be lodged within three years of the incident. If a governmental entity is potentially liable, additional deadlines and notice requirements must be met. For these reasons and because third-party construction accident claims are complicated matters requiring substantial evidence and expert testimony, it is essential for injured workers to enlist the help of seasoned New York construction accident attorneys.

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