Family Files Amtrak Crash Lawsuit Over Businessman’s Death

Nineteen different claims have been filed over the train crash that took place in Philadelphia on May 12, including an Amtrak crash lawsuit filed by the family of a businessman who lost his life. Another suit was filed by renowned New York chef Eli Kulp, who was reportedly left paralyzed. Lawyers for some of the plaintiffs have also initiated a request that the lawsuits, filed in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, all be consolidated under one judge in Philadelphia.

Eight people died and 200 were injured when the train derailed as it was travelling at over 100 MPH on a curve where the speed limit was 50 MPH. An investigation to determine the reason for the high speed at this point is ongoing.

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Amtrak crash lawsuit filed over businessman’s death

Robert Gildersleeve Jr., 45, of Elkridge, MD was among the 8 passengers who perished when the first passenger car where he was seated derailed and was crushed. He is survived by his wife Danna, his two children, and his parents, who together are filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Gildersleeve was a vice president for Ecolab, a food safety company and was on his way to a business meeting in New York.

Eli Kulp, 37, also filed a lawsuit alleging that he suffered a spinal fraction during the course of the accident and remains in a rehabilitation facility paralyzed. Kulp is a well-known chef and co-owner of the restaurant Fork and of two other restaurants in Philadelphia and was on his way to the opening of another restaurant in New York City when the crash occurred. According to his complaint, he is married with a minor child.

Filing a lawsuit after the Amtrak crash

The Sanders Firm is accepting cases filed by those who have been injured or lost lives in the Philadelphia derailment.

Thus far, the lawyers of several crash victims have sought to have their cases consolidated under one judge. The judge currently presiding over cases in Philadelphia, U.S. District Judge Legrome Davis, is the choice selected by the defendants’ lawyers. Amtrak representatives, who said that the rail agency’s liability is capped at $200 million, have joined the request for consolidation.

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