Fetal Dangers Associated With Tylenol Use

Tylenol (or acetaminophen) is an everyday medication generally considered safe even for small children and pregnant women. But a new study suggests that the drug may pose risks for baby boys in utero if taken by pregnant women in certain cases. The study adds to a growing list of possible dangers associated with the drug, including high profile tampering or contamination incidents and serious risk of liver damage.

The study found that prolonged use of Tylenol (or Paracetamol, as it is known in England, where the study was conducted) in mice with grafts of human tissue led to a serious drop in the production of testosterone. Researchers caution that, by implication, the use of Tylenol during pregnancy could also lower the levels of testosterone to which a male fetus is exposed, possibly putting him at risk for serious reproductive issues later in life.

At the Sanders Firm, we find the addition of this potential Tylenol danger to be a cause for serious concern, especially since many NY residents trust the safety of the drug even for vulnerable family members. We would encourage parents (and parents to be) to exercise caution when using the drug and to contact a Tylenol injury lawyer if they suspect that they or members of their family have been harmed.

When to contact a Tylenol injury lawyer

Many people take Tylenol to treat aches and pains, some on a regular basis, without incident or complication. It is not necessary to seek legal assistance simply because you have been a regular user of the medication. It is, however, important that you be aware of the risks.

For instance, Tylenol overdose, or a mixture of Tylenol and alcohol can have serious or even lethal consequences as it can lead to liver failure with surprising rapidity. Patients taking Tylenol should be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage and check that other medications they are taking simultaneously do not contain Tylenol (which may be listed on the contents as acetaminophen). And, in line with the recent study, pregnant women should also exercise caution and seek the advice of their physician regarding Tylenol use.

The time to contact a lawyer is when you or a family member suffers serious illness, complication, or death as a direct result of Tylenol use. Many past plaintiffs have argued that Johnson & Johnson has not made the risks of its medication clear to users, and are liable for their failure to warn.

Tylenol lawsuits pursued by The Sanders Firm

Tylenol lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson (or its subsidiaries) in the past several years regarding several issues. First, the company issued 26 recalls between 2008 and 2012 for problems related to contaminated Tylenol or Tylenol-containing products, including metal contamination or contamination with chemicals. The company agreed to a $25 million settlement in March of this year.

Johnson & Johnson is also faced with close to 200 lawsuits regarding liver failure, some of which have been consolidated as part of larger litigation processes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lawsuits contend that the packaging or labeling of Tylenol-containing products was inadequate to warn users of the medication about the risk of overdose and liver damage.

If you believe that you or a loved one was injured by a Tylenol/acetaminophen product, please contact The Sanders Firm toll-free at 1-800-FAIR-PLAY to arrange a free consultation about filing a lawsuit with one of our attorneys. Resources

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