Holiday Driving Tips From NY Car Accident Lawyers


Planning a road trip to visit friends and family for the holidays this year? Millions will be doing exactly the same in these coming weeks, which is why it’s more important than ever to be prepared for safe travels.

The New York car accident lawyers at The Sanders Firm want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season, and impart a few holiday driving tips to help you face challenges on the road.  December and January are peak months for weather-related accidents, due to ice and snow blanketing the roadways.

We hope these practical tips make for an amazing and unforgettable holiday season, and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Holiday driving tips

Driving right around Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s can be a special challenge, but if you know what you’re up against, and take appropriate precautions, your travels should be stress free.

Safe driving tips for the holiday season:

  • Have your vehicle serviced before your departure. Top off all fluids, check the battery, oil and antifreeze levels and brakes to ensure your car, truck or SUV is mechanically sound
  • Be prepared for emergencies by stocking up on critical supplies such as a blanket, warm clothing, extra water, food, a flashlight and first-aid kit.
  • Tire maintenance is key when driving on icy or snow-covered roads. Make sure tires are properly inflated, bring tire chains if necessary and a bag of cat litter for better traction in the event you become stuck.
  • Pack smart – Extra luggage and presents can really tack on the pounds. Check your vehicle’s load bearing capacity to ensure you’re not dangerously overloaded.
  • Stay tuned to weather alerts – Wintry weather can prove extremely hazardous, so be sure to reduce your speed and allow extra distance for braking to avoid accidents with other vehicles or objects.
  • Flexible travel dates are smart so you can avoid driving in the midst of a sudden blizzard or ice storm that pops up.
  • Properly secure children and pets that are traveling with you with child seats and pet carriers.
  • Get a good night’s rest beforehand – Studies show that fatigued drivers are more likely to injure themselves and others behind the wheel.If you feel sleepy, get off the road as soon as possible.
  • Bring jumper cables and a tow rope for unexpected emergencies on the road.
  • Be mindful of drunk drivers around the holiday season and be sure to report any dangerous or suspect behavior to local authorities.
  • Try to avoid driving late at night when more intoxicated drivers are on the road and you’re more likely fatigued.

Legal guidance from a NY highway accident lawyer

Unfortunately, we are well aware that even the most careful and well-prepared motorists can be affected by the actions of another, whether due to distracted driving, alcohol impairment, or plain negligence.

In the event that you or someone you love is involved in a car accident in New York this holiday season, it’s essential to retain a law firm with proven experience litigating such cases.  At The Sanders Firm, our personal injury lawyers have been winning lawsuits for more than 46 years, helping our clients get on the road to financial and physical recovery. We’re proud to serve our community and invite you to call our NY offices for a free legal consultation today: 1-800-FAIR-PLAY. Resources

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