IKEA Recalls Dressers Amid Tip Over Concerns

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The deaths of six children have prompted IKEA to recall more than 35 million dressers due to tip-over risk.

The last death occurred in February when a 22-month-old child was killed after a dresser fell on top of him. People that have been injured or lost loved one due to furniture tip-overs like these may be eligible to receive legal reparations for injuries and losses.

IKEA recalls 8 million dressers

The IKEA dresser recall includes around eight million MALM dressers and chests, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The MALM pieces were manufactured and sold through June 2016. The recall includes 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer and 6-drawer models. Other dressers included in the recall were also sold through June 2016 and were found not to pass U.S. performance requirements in regards to safety.

Three of the reported deaths were linked specifically to MALM dressers, while the other three were caused by other types of IKEA dressers. In addition, the Swedish furniture manufacturer received 41 reports of tip-over incidents involving MALM, which led to 17 injuries to children. There were also 41 reports of tip-over incidents involving other types of dressers, which caused 19 injuries to children.

Consumers with any of the dressers on the product recall list are advised to immediately stop using pieces that are not anchored to a wall and move them out of any area accessible to children. Consumers that purchased their dressers in 2002 or after are eligible for a full refund for their piece or a free anchoring kit to secure the dresser to the wall. Those who purchased their dresser prior to 2002 may also be eligible for a partial refund for their piece or a free anchoring kit.

IKEA also states on their website that consumers who are uncomfortable or simply don’t want to anchor their dressers themselves can also contact IKEA to schedule a one-time service call to attach the dresser to the wall. However, the company also assures consumers that the anchoring kit comes with full instructions and everything necessary to successfully do the anchoring as a DIY job as well.

Hidden danger of tip-over accidents

Sadly, deaths due to furniture and television tip-overs are not uncommon. According to the CPSC, a child in the U.S. is killed every two weeks from tip-over accidents. The CPSC calls tip-over accidents one of the “top hidden hazards in the home” on their website.

In 2000, the furniture industry was given a set of voluntary stability standards for the furniture manufactured and sold in the U.S. Those standards have been modified over the years to accommodate new dangers as they arise. In 2009, the standards called for furniture to remain steady when all drawers are open and when up to 50 pounds of weight are placed on a drawer. The theory is that this would keep children safe from accidents up to about the age of five.

At this time, it does not appear there is any real push for mandatory safety rules involving dressers or other types of furniture that could pose a safety risk, such as bookcases and tables. Although these types of furniture do not usually result in fatal accidents, tip-overs can cause serious injury, particularly to small children.

If your child is injured by a piece of furniture that does not meet the voluntary safety standards, legal recourse may be available. Victims may be able to file a lawsuit to secure compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other non-economic losses.

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