Long Island Neurosurgeon Named In Three Malpractice Lawsuits

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A Long Island brain surgeon has found himself on the wrong end of multiple malpractice lawsuits. Neurosurgeon Paolo Bolognese has been named as the defendant in three suits by women who allege they contracted painful conditions after receiving unnecessary or negligent treatment by Bolognese.

Surgeon’s patients diagnosed with rare disease

Lori White is one of the plaintiffs against Bolognese. “I used to be equestrian, but I can’t ride anymore,” White, 55, says. White is in extreme pain and says she is lucky if she can visit and brush her prized horse, let alone ride. Her horse “is my joy, aside from my family and friends. My life has been him and riding. Not anymore. Everything has been taken from me.”

The others who have filed separate Queens County lawsuits against Bolognese are student Jennifer Lake, 24, and Georgia resident Crystal Hensley Hall, 29. All three have been diagnosed with Chiari malformation.

Chiari malformation

Chiari (kee-AH-ree) malformation is a condition where brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. It is a painful condition and can be debilitating. All three lawsuits claim Bolognese’s surgeries on the women resulted in the condition, leaving them worse off than before treatment.

Chiari malformation develops when the skull is misshapen or abnormally small and presses down on the brain. It is an uncommon condition, but its diagnosis has been increasing through the use of imaging tests. Treatments can include additional surgery.

Ironically, Bolognese is a co-founder of North Shore University Hospital’s Chiari Institute which brings patients from around the world for treatment.

Surgeon no stranger to controversy

In 2010, Bolognese was suspended by North Shore. He supposedly did not show as scheduled for a surgery. The patient was anesthetized and waiting. The doctor has been on the wrong side of a malpractice lawsuit 20 times. He has been investigated by the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct but no disciplinary action was ever enforced. He currently works at Neurological Surgery in Rockville Centre.

Understanding the complexity of medical malpractice law

Medical malpractice is a complex matter. It is not just a matter of bringing a medical professional’s mistake to light. You have to prove treatment and provision of care was hindered by negligence and quantifiable harm was a result of that negligence.

As a leader in medical malpractice litigation, we know the women in these cases have a long road ahead of them. But the right legal representation will do an exhaustive investigation into a client’s case and fight for your right to fair compensation. If you or someone you know in the greater New York area has been a victim of medical malpractice, give The Sanders Firm a call today. Resources

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