Mirena MDL Established In New York

Women who filed a federal lawsuit against Mirena manufacturer Bayer may now see their cases proceeding in the Southern District of New York. On April 8, 2013, the U.S. Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) announced the consolidation of all federal cases in that court.

Plaintiffs had originally petitioned the JPML to consolidate Mirena lawsuits in the Northern District of Ohio, but the JPML chose New York because Bayer Healthcare LLC is located in the state, and they determined it would be more convenient for all parties involved.

Women who are seeking representation for a New York Mirena IUD lawsuit may want to contact a NY personal injury attorney at The Sanders Firm, as they are uniquely suited to offer advice on this litigation.

Considering a New York Mirena IUD lawsuit

The FDA approved the Mirena IUD in 2000 for use as a birth control option. A small, T-shaped plastic device, the Mirena gradually releases a combination of hormones into the system to prevent pregnancy. As of mid-2012, however, the FDA had received over 45,000 reports of problems with the Mirena. These included complications like uterine perforation, device migration, abscesses, infections, ectopic pregnancy, and perforation of other organs.

Women who have suffered these injuries may be eligible for a New York Mirena IUD lawsuit—particularly those women who have gone through additional hospitalizations and surgeries to correct the issues. Plaintiffs typically claim that Bayer did not do enough to provide adequate warnings to doctors and patients about the risks associated with the product.

NY personal injury attorney offers legal advice

Bayer initially opposed the centralization of federal Mirena lawsuits. They stated they had already spent two years gathering discovery for a case they were defending in another state, and that an MDL would require them to start all over. They also stated they believed an MDL would encourage the filing of “marginal claims,” where those who weren’t seriously injured filed complaints against the company anyway.

The JPML disagreed, and determined that centralizing all federal cases would help improve the efficiency of pre-trial proceedings, reduce the risk of inconsistent rulings, and conserve judicial resources. They added that the state of New York would prove to be easily accessible for nationwide litigation, and assigned the Honorable Judge Cathy Seibel to oversee the proceedings.

With the established location of the products liability MDL, the NY personal attorney team at The Sanders Firm is prepared to represent women who are filing lawsuits against Bayer. These attorneys are familiar with the judicial system in New York, and because they are headquartered in the area, are better able to react quickly to any issues that may come up. They can keep a close watch on the proceedings, and give clients the benefit of immediate updates.

When to seek the counsel of a New York product liability lawyer

An estimated two million women in the U.S. are currently using the Mirena IUD. Though 50 plaintiffs have filed claims so far, this number will quickly increase as more women become aware of the complications associated with the device, and realize their rights in pursuing compensation.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries after using Mirena, contact The Sanders Firm today. We”ll outline your best options for securing monetary damages in a New York Mirena IUD lawsuit. Call today for a free consultation. 1.800.FAIR.PLAY ResourcesU.S. Judicial Panel on Mutlidistrict Litigation https://www.jpml.uscourts.gov/sites/jpml/files/MDL-2434-Initial_Transfer-03-13.pdf