New York Construction Accident Injuries & Deaths

construction worker in Midtown Manhattan was trapped and killed by a concrete slab weighing thousands of pounds in September. The 27-year-old victim, Rodalfo Vasquez-Galian was pronounced dead at the scene. Vasquez-Galian had been working to secure the foundation of a building next to the construction site, when the concrete slab came loose and fell.

The digging to excavate the site caused the foundation of the building next door to loosen. Another worker was able to jump to safety, but Vasquez-Galian was pinned beneath the wreckage, with only his arm visible. Emergency workers tried to save the man, but were unable to do so. More than 100 workers were forced to evacuate the neighboring building, due to concerns for their safety.

The accident occurred on west 37th street, where a parking lot is being converted into a hotel. In August, construction on the site had been partially shut down for a day, due to safety violations. Additionally, in May a complaint that construction was causing dangerous vibrations in nearby buildings was dismissed. The construction company had been cited for previous violations on other projects. After the death of Vasquez-Galian, construction on the hotel project was suspended indefinitely. The hotel project is under the direction of Sam Chang’s McSam Hotel Group, who have partnered with brands such as the Holiday Inn Express and the Hilton Garden Inn. The company has garnered more than 200 building code violations since 2006.

Another construction accident injures pedestrian

In May, a pedestrian was injured at a construction site at 9th avenue near 48th street, when a circular saw blade loosened and soared approximately 100 feet through the air, hitting a tree, bouncing around the sidewalk and finally cutting a huge gash in the woman’s leg. The saw blade was roughly three feet wide and is used to cut concrete. A neighboring surveillance camera captured the bloody heavy equipment accident on film. Alarmingly, the crews were granted a lift on a stop work order less than 24 hours after the accident. The saw that caused the accident was removed from the construction site and the city’s Department of Design and Construction began an investigation to find the cause of it.

New York construction accident lawyer

It seems like half of New York is under construction. While a surge in construction leads to countless stunning new apartment buildings, restaurants and shops, it also creates a safety hazard for both workers and bystanders. Construction sites are a very dangerous place. It’s important for companies to follow proper protocol to ensure the site is safe.

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