New York OB-GYN Leaves Patient With Severe Laser Lipo Burns

NY Plastic Surgery Malpractice

botched laser liposuction procedure left a 26-year-old New Yorker with horrific scars and third-degree burns all over her abdomen and lower back. The patient saw her Manhattan OB-GYN for what she thought was a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure after giving birth, but is now faced with a permanently disfigured stomach, which she blames on the negligence of Dr. Muruga Raj.

As reported by The New York Daily News, the woman sued the doctor alleging NY plastic surgery malpractice, and last month a Bronx civil court found the gynecologist liable for her severe injuries. Now, state officials are considering whether to strip the doctor of his license. Litigation is no stranger to 56-year-old Dr. Raj, who quietly settled another malpractice claim with a patient that claimed she also suffered burns in a 2009 laser lipo treatment.

NY plastic surgery malpractice case

While laser liposuction is generally performed by board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists, the machines are available to many health care professionals, including dentists and obstetricians like Dr. Raj. Men and women may opt for laser lipo over traditional liposuction as the treatment has a shorter recovery period and typically results in minimal blood loss and less risk of complications.

However, when Dr. Raj performed the procedure on the plaintiff in December 2011, she returned the following day complaining of excruciating pain and excessive swelling, questioning her doctor about what appeared to be burns. Despite passing out from her pain, the woman says her OB-GYN assured her that the wounds were healing normally, and sent her home with a topical burn cream.

Unsettled by her doctor’s apparent apathy, the woman finally sought a second opinion from another physician, who instantly sent her to the hospital for treatment of third-degree burns. Although the woman underwent several skin grafting procedures, she is still left with serious deformities and deep scarring along her stomach.

Manhattan OB-GYN’s license may be revoked

Court documents state that at one point during the plaintiff’s laser liposuction procedure, Dr. Raj stopped to pay for a Chinese food delivery. The OB-GYN completed a one-time training course for laser lipo in Staten Island, which was mandated with the purchase of the equipment.

While the plaintiff was being treated in the hospital, Dr. Raj’s spouse and son purportedly tried to convince the woman not to pursue legal action, claiming the litigation would wipe out their savings and ability to pay for their daughters’ college educations. A malpractice lawyer representing the victim told The News, “He knew she was in agony and that her skin was dying, layer by layer by layer — yet he chose to lie and cover it up…That is what a fraudster does, not a medical doctor.” The woman is currently waiting for the court to decide how much Dr. Raj will have to pay for burning and permanently scarring her.

New York medical malpractice lawyers

Attorneys at The Sanders Firm have the knowledge and resources necessary to protect innocent victims and investigate potential claims for NY plastic surgery malpractice. Depending on the circumstances and extent of the injuries sustained, a lawsuit can recover compensation for lost wages, past and future medical bills, disability, therapy, pain and suffering in addition to other non-economic damages.

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