NY Swimming Pool Accidents & Liability

NY swimming pool accident lawyers at The Sanders Firm are all too familiar with the tragic consequences of negligent property maintenance and compliance. Sadly, accidental drownings are the fifth leading cause of death in U.S., with the majority of those fatalities among children.

In the confusing and traumatic aftermath of a swimming pool injury or drowning, you need an experienced personal injury attorney you can count on. Our legal team has successfully litigated cases stemming from fatal swimming pool accidents and drownings in the greater New York City area for decades, helping innocent victims recover the damages to which they are entitled and holding negligent pool owners accountable for their actions.

This summer, a number of swimming pool accidents have been reported in several NYC boroughs, including the drowning of a three-year-old Staten Island boy.

Staten Island swimming pool accident proves fatal

An estimated 33 drowning deaths are logged in New York State every year, fifty percent of which involve children age four and younger. Little Edward Harris of Staten Island became another grim statistic this past July when he scaled the fence to a neighboring above-ground pool behind his home which operates as a licensed Day Care center. The toddler had slipped away from his family, and in the blink of an eye, had used boxes to climb over the fence and into the pool. A few moments later, when his brief absence was noted, he was discovered face down in the water. Despite resuscitation efforts, the three-year-old died shortly thereafter.

Even with New York laws that require numerous pool safety measures, the Staten Island boy’s drowning is a bleak reminder that supervision around residential and public swimming pools is critical when you have small children nearby.

Since 2002, state regulations require that in all day care centers, children must be properly supervised around pools. Additionally, owners or operators must ensure that 4-foot-high fences with locks are in place around pools. All pools constructed after 2006 must have an alarm system that alerts owners when a child enters the water.

Liability issues in pool injuries or death

Some common causes that may give rise to a wrongful death or premises liability lawsuit following a swimming pool accident involve situations where property owners:

  • Failed to maintain pool equipment
  • Failed to provide trained life guards if supervision is advertised or mandated
  • Failed to display “swim at your own risk” signs
  • Failed to properly secure the pool with fences or a gate
  • Failed to perform regular maintenance on drains and diving boards

At The Sanders Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients get their lives back on track following a preventable swimming pool injury or accidental death attributed to negligence. While no amount of compensation can undo the emotional trauma and pain associated with such an accident, a favorable verdict or premises liability settlement may help ease the financial hardships faced by victims.

New York swimming pool injury attorney

To speak with a NY premises liability lawyer about your legal options, please contact our offices to arrange a free consultation.  Financial damages secured through litigation can help those who have lost a loved one obtain compensation for pain, suffering, funeral costs and loss of future earning potential.

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