NY Woman Killed In Hit-And-Run Motorcycle Crash

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A young woman was killed after she thrown from a motorcycle on Belt Parkway on September 7 and hit by two different cars. The driver of the first car left the scene of the accident, while the driver of the second car remained on the scene until emergency help arrived.

Police are still searching for the driver of the first vehicle, according to local media reports.

Woman thrown from bike

The woman, 22-year-old Sade Eversley, was a passenger on the 2007 Yamaha motorcycle, driven by a 28-year-old male friend. The man lost control of the bike while navigating a turn and ran into the center median on Cross Bay Boulevard near Belt Parkway. The accident occurred in Queens around 10:30 p.m. the night of September 7.

As Eversley lay in the road after the accident, a white minivan that tried to swerve to the side but wound up running over Eversley. A second vehicle, a 2014 Honda minivan, also ran over Eversley despite efforts to avoid her. The driver of the second vehicle was unhurt and remained at the scene. Eversley was pronounced dead by paramedics that arrived at the scene a short time later.

The driver of the motorcycle was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center after the crash with minor injuries. The driver of the first vehicle has still not been found, although police are on the lookout. The family of Eversley pleaded with the driver to turn himself in, according to a report at Eyewitness 7 News.

Statistics on NY motorcycle accidents

There were more than 160 fatal motorcycle crashes in New York in 2013, which made up approximately 14 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in the state during that year. In addition, there were more than 4,300 motorcycle accidents that involved personal injuries. The majority of crashes involving motorcycles occurred on Saturdays, between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

More than three-fourths of all motorcycle crashes that occurred in New York during 2013 could be attributed to human factors, such as driver distraction, unsafe speed or failure to observe right of way. The large majority of motorcycle drivers involved in crashes were male, and more than 11 percent of those drivers were between the ages of 25 and 29.

A motorcycle accident can happen in a split-second, but the ramifications of the event can last a lifetime. Injuries can be ongoing, keeping the accident victim from participating in work or other activities they took part in prior to the crash. When the unthinkable happens and someone is killed in one of these accidents, family members are left to move forward with their lives without some very close and important to them.

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