NYC Teacher’s Fatal Bicycle Accident Caused By Distracted Driver

Bicycle Accident

A bicyclist who was killed in Oklahoma recently had ties to the Bronx. Twenty-five-year-old Patrick Wanninkhof of Key Biscayne, Florida was participating in the Maine-to-Santa Barbara (ME2SB) ride, a charity event organized by Bike & Build to promote the creation of affordable housing across the country. Wanninkhof was riding near 22-year-old Bridget Anderson of Port Orange, Florida when the pair was struck by a driver who admitted being distracted behind the wheel. Wanninkhof did not survive the collision and Anderson was hospitalized. She is in stable condition.

Bike accident victim taught science in the Bronx

On his Bike & Build profile, Wanninkhof noted that he had worked as a public school science teacher through the Teach for America program. He worked with students in the Bronx. The cyclist wrote that he believed a systemic approach was necessary to resolving poverty in the country and that he was participating in the bike ride across America to do his part for disadvantaged children. Wanninkhof was inspired to join the bike ride when one of his students informed him that because the family couldn’t afford rent, they had to continually move among various relatives’ homes to sleep at night.

Less is known about the other victim of the collision, Bridget Anderson. She is a recent graduate who was also bicycling for charity. Anderson sustained severe leg injuries in the crash and had to be airlifted to the Oklahoma University Medical Center Trauma Unit.

Driver was using cellphone at time of crash

The name of the driver was not released. According to the report from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the driver informed state troopers that she had been looking at her cellphone at the time of the collision.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent informed reporters, “They drew blood on the driver, and they’ll wait until the report comes back on that and they’ve finished up the investigation to present it to the DA’s office.”

Lt. Vincent noted that it would be left to the discretion of the District Attorney’s office whether the driver will face charges. Whether or not charges are filed, any civil litigation stemming from the fatal incident would proceed separately.

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