Officials Leave Coney Island Hospital Following Alleged Malpractice


According to the New York Times, three of Coney Island Hospital’s top officials will be leaving their posts amid malpractice accusations in connection to the February death of patient Grisele Soto. One of the officials is retiring, while the others will be taking on new responsibilities within the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation.  Though the timing is questionable, the HHC denies the move has any relation to the Soto case, and was prompted by a ramped up effort to enhance patient care. “After an extensive review of the hospital’s culture, it was decided that changes were necessary to improve the patient experience,” an HHC spokesperson said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the family of Grisele Soto, who received shockingly negligent medical care that ultimately led to her death on February 1, is considering legal action against the hospital. The family’s medical malpractice attorney has already filed a complaint with the New York State Health Department, detailing the series of lapses and poor treatment Grisele was subject to during her brief stay at Coney Island Hospital.

Death of Grisele Soto at Coney Island Hospital

On the evening of January 31, 2016, Grisele Soto was racked with pain. She grasped her head in agony, screaming for help, but could not find words to express how she felt. Her husband rushed her to Coney Island Hospital for emergency treatment, where nurses wrongly diagnosed the woman as emotionally disturbed, or suffering a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. Despite protests from Grisele’s husband – who claimed his wife had never touched illegal drugs and was currently taking some antibiotics – the Brooklyn grandmother’s legs and arms were restrained to a bed while nurses administered a sedative.

Over the next hours, Grisele went into cardiac arrest five separate times before passing away the morning of February 1, 2016. Her family believes she was likely suffering from meningitis, and that the triage nurse on duty that night “basically tied her up and killed her.”

Soto’s exact cause of death is currently being investigated by the city’s chief medical examiner. At this time, we do know that Grisele had been experiencing severe flu-like symptoms for at least a week prior to the incident.

Soto case reveals true level of care in NY hospitals

The family lawyer commented that Soto’s death illustrates the substandard level of care provided in the city’s hospitals.  He also told the NY Times that investigations into the death of Grisele Soto may shed light on other disturbing patterns of behavior at Coney Island Hospital. According to the city, the hospital’s chief nursing officer, Terry Mancher will be reassigned, as will the medical director, Dr. John Maese.

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