Problems At Coney Island Hospital Result In Calls For A Probe

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An expose in a New York news publication led to a call to launch a probe into hospital operations. Coney Island Hospital was accused of dangerous breaches of patient care by the New York Post, which led to New York Senator Chuck Schumer calling for an investigation of the facility.

Schumer called the reports involving the hospital “extremely troubling” and asked for a thorough examination to answer questions about the quality of patient care at the institution.

Expose based on pediatrician reports

The expose was based on reports by a pediatric resident who had spent three years working in the hospital. His reports were backed up after the expose was published by parents that alleged their children received sub-quality care at the hospital. In some cases, the poor care resulted in a lack of effective treatment, injuries due to incorrect treatment or even death of some patients.

The pediatrician, who remains anonymous throughout this report, told the Post about instances where children were misdiagnosed or did not receive timely, appropriate treatment for illnesses or injuries. In one case, an attending physician would not refer a baby with bronchitis to ICU, even though his symptoms clearly indicated he needed care that was not available in the emergency department.

In another case, a child went into cardiac arrest and the staff in the E.R. did not know where to find a crash cart to get the adrenaline injection the child required to restart his heart. By the time the resident on staff found the necessary equipment to revive the child, the Post reported it was likely the child had suffered brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation.

The resident that gave the information to the Post attributed many of the problems at Coney Island Hospital to understaffing and lack of training for the staff that was on duty. The resident also claimed the hospital staff suffered from a “poor work ethic” that resulted in staff members leaving the floor to get food or take naps.

Hospital executive disputes report

The NYC Health & Hospital’s Chief Executive Dr. Ram Raju disputed the Post’s story, saying it was “full of loopholes and untrue statement.” Dr. Raju also said he had received medical care from the hospital for the past 15 years and sent his children to the hospital for medical care.

This is not the first time this year that Coney Island Hospital has made headlines. In February, it was reported that a woman died at the hospital after an alleged misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. The 47-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital on January 31 with what appeared to be symptoms of meningitis. However, hospital staff determined she was having a reaction to synthetic marijuana, put her in restraints and gave her a tranquilizer to sedate her.

During the 10 hours she remained at the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest five times. She died the day after she entered the hospital. Her husband claims her death was completely preventable and the result of her misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. Less than one month later, three top officials of the hospital left their positions, although the hospital stated their departure had nothing to do with this patient’s death.

Consequences of hospital errors

When a person enters a hospital for treatment, they expect to receive competent care and an accurate diagnosis of their condition. When problems arise, it can mean serious injury or even death for the patient that expected to receive that treatment. The victim and their families are left to pick up the pieces caused by hospital negligence.

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