Recent Recalls Put Consumers At Risk, Know Your Rights

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The national product liability lawyers at The Sanders Firm work with clients who have been injured by recalled products every day. Injuries may range from minor issues that can be treated fully to catastrophic disability that the victim must live with forever.

By highlighting some of the most recent product recalls, The Sanders Firms hopes to alert the public about potential hazards and prevent unnecessary harm.

Child safety seats recalled for loosening

Some child safety seats manufactured by Britax have been recalled due to concerns that the shoulder harnesses could inadvertently loosen. The seats have a harness adjuster button that can stick in the harness release position, releasing the harness and allowing it to loosen while the child is supposed to be secured. This could increase a child’s risk for injury in the event of a vehicle crash.

Models subject to recall include the Advocate Click Tight, Boulevard Click Tight and Marathon Click Tight. Britax is notifying all owners of these models of the recall and sending remedy kits to repair the problem. Kits include a lubricant that can be applied to the adjuster button to prevent sticking.

More air bag recalls may be ahead for Takata

Takata Corp. of Japan is under scrutiny once again for potentially defective air bags after a collision between a Volkswagen SUV and a deer. Reports that the air bag inside the vehicle released with excessive force have triggered a federal investigation into the safety of Takata air bags. The crash, which occurred outside St. Louis on June 7, resulted in the destruction of a metal canister, although no injuries were related to the incident.

In May, Takata recalled 33.8 million air bag inflators, creating the largest auto recall in U.S. history. However, the manufacturer said those recalls had been limited to front and passenger air bags in older vehicle models. This recent event occurred in a side air bag in a newer model vehicle, triggering concerns that the Takata recall will be even more widespread than first thought.

Medical device recalled due to risk of fire

Another recall involves a portable oxygen unit manufactured by Western/Scott Fetzer. The OxyTote has received reports that if the device is dropped or mishandled, it could burst the unit and lead to a flash fire. In one reported incident, a unit that was dropped four feet resulted in injury. A second incident occurred when the unit was simply set down on the ground and resulted in one death.

Portable oxygen units consist of pressurized oxygen that can be delivered to a patient while the patient is mobile. The devices are primarily used by hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. The recall of these devices was issued on January 2015, but the FDA recently sent out a MedWatch alert involving the potential risks associated with the devices.

Filing a defective product recall lawsuit

One of the primary purposes of recalls is to protect consumers from potential injury or death due to defective devices. Unfortunately, recalls are not usually issued until one or more of those events have already occurred. If you are the victim of a defective device, you may have grounds to pursue compensation through the courts. However, there are statutes of limitations governing the time period in which you can pursue a product recall lawsuit, so it is important to contact an attorney right away if you feel you have a case.

The auto recall attorneys at The Sanders Firm are experienced working with clients who have been injured by recalled vehicles, household products and medical devices. We can help you pursue maximum damages for medical bills, lost wages and other non-economic injuries. Contact our firm today at 1.800.FAIR.PLAY for a free case evaluation and answers to all your legal questions. Resources

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