Study Shows Dangers Of Drowsy Driving

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In a demonstration of just how much lack of sleep can impair driving, an NBC correspondent kept himself awake for 30 hours and then took a driving test. The results indicated that sleep deprivation can have a dramatic impact on awareness and response time that could prove deadly behind the wheel.

Jeff Rosen first took the driving course at the Skip Barber Driving School in Lakeville, Connecticut while fully alert and did not hit any of the orange traffic cones while maneuvering through the course. But after depriving himself of sleep for 30 hours, he hit one cone after another during the course. Each cone represents a potential traffic accident. The results back up the conclusions that leading sleep authorities have reached regarding the deadly link between sleep deprivation and car accidents.

If you have experienced injury or loss in connection to a crash involving sleep deprivation, consider contacting a qualified NY car accident attorney at The Sanders Firm. We know the best way to approach such cases due to years of experience litigating drunk, distracted, and drowsy driving lawsuits in New York.

A drowsy driving epidemic?

Many people who wouldn’t even consider driving while drunk or texting while driving have gotten behind the wheel feeling too drowsy to drive. Such a casual approach to drowsy driving misunderstands how deadly it can be: as deadly as drunk or distracted driving. In many states, public awareness campaigns have begun to educate drivers about the dangers of drowsy driving. In New York and other states, laws that would make drowsy driving illegal are also pending.

However, even when no specific laws are on the books prohibiting drowsy driving, drivers can be prosecuted under existing laws regarding negligent or reckless driving. And although sleep deprivation can be tougher to demonstrate than drunkenness (there is no equivalent of the blood alcohol level test for drowsiness) other types of evidence, such as traffic cameras, GPS tracking, or cell phone records can be used as evidence by lawyers who understand how such data can be useful in these kinds of car accident cases.

Find help filing a drowsy driving accident lawsuit in NY

At The Sanders Firm, our New York personal injury lawyers have represented residents of all five boroughs, as well as Long Island, for more than 45 years. We understand how to use evidence in a New York court to hold reckless and negligent drivers accountable, whether the behavior that caused the accident in question relates to alcohol consumption, distractions while driving, or failing to get enough rest before getting behind the wheel.

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