Study Suggests Improvements For Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

With over 45 years of trial experience representing victims of serious injury, The Sanders Firm fights for justice for those who have suffered spinal cord injury or brain injury caused by the negligence of others. Our New York spinal cord injury lawyers care not just about our clients’ past, but their future. This is why we are hopeful about possible new treatments to improve the outcome for injury victims.

Study on spinal cord injury treatments

A new study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation offers some hope for an improvement in the treatment for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. The common treatment for these types of injuries have traditionally been based on suppressing the immune system. In the case of serious injury, the immune system kicks in to effect to kill off dangers like bacteria and viruses. The treatment of suppressing the immune system has long been used to head off extraneous damage to the central nervous system. The recent study, however, shows that the body’s immune response is more complex than medical professionals initially realized. It turns out that when the immune system begins its action, the immune cells begin to produce interleukin 4, a molecule that helps to protect the nerve cells and aids in their regrowth. This protection is crucial because once the cells are killed off, they are permanently gone. Based on this new research, doctors may want to shift their focus. Instead of preventing an immune response, which the body initiates as a defense mechanism against harmful organisms, the study suggests that there may be reason to modify the current treatment to focus on increasing the patient’s response to interleukin 4. There may also be reason to focus on creating a test to measure how many interleukin 4-producing cells a patient has.

Hope on the horizon- relief needed now

For patients of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury, this new research seems promising. It could potentially reduce the long-term effects of nervous system damage and help patients regain some control of their former lives. But until the research can be backed up further and new treatment plans adopted, this does not offer much help for current patients. For those who have already suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, the demands are pressing and seemingly non-stop. Often medical bills begin to pile up while the injured person is not able to work. This cycle puts enormous pressure on individuals and families. But The Sanders Firm is here to help with the problems of today while keeping a hopeful eye toward tomorrow.

Consult with a New York spinal cord injury lawyer

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