Winter Havoc On NY Roads Causes Hundreds Of Crashes

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The Sanders Firm knows all the troubling winter statistics. There are an inordinately high number of vehicle crashes in bad weather every year with an average of a half million drivers or passengers injured annually in the US in bad weather crashes.

If you are injured in a weather-related accident this winter, The Sanders Firm can guide you through the daunting process of receiving proper compensation for your injuries.  Filing a New York car accident lawsuit with our team in your corner is the best way to ensure you’ll receive adequate compensation for your injuries if you’ve been involved in a bad weather crash.

First winter storm wreaks havoc on roads

Last weekend, the tristate area was hit with its first storm causing hundreds of accidents on icy roadways—streets and highways were strewn with seemingly countless fender benders with other collisions much more serious and at least one death. Some 600 emergency medical calls jammed New York Fire Department phone lines Sunday morning. By mid-afternoon, there were still 200 emergency calls not yet taken care of, according to an FDNY spokesperson.

Thirty additional ambulances had to be called in from New Jersey and Long Island to help New York City handle the overflow of cases.  That is why The Sanders Firm urges you to be extra careful this winter. Drive sensibly and stay vigilant because a winter crash can happen in the blink of an eye.

Consider the dreaded black ice phenomenon. For many last weekend, what appeared to be smooth and clear roadways were deadly settings for terror-filled out of control spins as cars hit patches of invisible black ice and pinballed wildly into each other causing a range of injuries.

A 2014 report from the Department of Transportation tells the grim tale about bad-weather driving. There are, on average, about 5,800,000 vehicle crashes every year.  Almost a quarter of those crashes–nearly 1,312,000—are weather related which are categorized as any crash that occurs due to conditions caused by the weather. That could be rain, sleet, snow, fog, or slick pavement including wet, snowy or slushy pavement or icy roads.

The DOT reports that on average, 6,250 people are killed and over 480,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes each year. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, driving too fast for the weather conditions plays a major role in fatal crashes each year, especially during the winter. “It’s a significant factor,” NHTSA spokesperson Rae Tyson says. “If you’re on an icy, slippery road and it’s a posted speed limit of 55, if you’re going 40, you may be going too fast.”

If you’re involved in an accident this winter, be assured that our NY personal injury lawyers bring more than forty five years of litigation success to very car accident lawsuit we take on for our clients.

Filing a New York car accident lawsuit in a “no fault” state

New York became a no fault insurance state in the ‘70’s to expedite payments from insurance companies to their customers quickly and efficiently without regard to individual blame for the accident and without forcing the accident victim to file a lawsuit. The law also limits the total compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and other expenses to $50,000.

However, an accident causing serious injury is likely to cost the victim far more than $50,000 to cover the life altering damage of perhaps chronic or lifelong injury, medical expenses, costly rehab, and the pain and suffering that comes with such an experience.

To be rightfully compensated in such an instance, the victim needs the knowledge and expertise of attorneys well versed in no-fault insurance claims. You will be supported by Sanders’ team of professional investigators, medical experts, and veteran car accident attorneys to achieve for you what a lesser firm cannot do—the ability to stand toe to toe, case after case, year after year against combative insurance companies and win.

Legal advocacy for NYC injury victims

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries from a negligent, reckless or drunk driver in any of New York’s boroughs, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island or Long Island, we urge you to contact us immediately. There are deadlines for filing a car accident lawsuit in NY, which you cannot miss if you hope to collect any compensation for your injury.

Call us toll-free at 1 800 FAIR PLAY to arrange a free consultation so we can assess if you have sufficient grounds for pursuing legal compensation. Resources

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